Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quote of the Day:

A mandatory public health care system is a universal adapter for unlimited Nanny State legislation, because there’s very little personal behavior that wouldn’t impact public health care costs in some way. -Marko, The Munchkin Wrangler

Go read the whole thing.


staghounds said...

But who is it that doesn't wear seat belts? people who are also otherwise stupid, according to this study.

I'm so stealing "Universal Adapter".

I swear on the graves of Edwinson Charles Green and/or John Carter, the captcha word is


Lergnom said...

The medical profession's answer to the coommerce clause.
Many moons ago, there was a science fiction novel called _caduceus wild_ by Ward Moore. It described a 'medarchy'.
When it was published, it was fiction. Now...?
Another scary short story, available at, is _Lipidleggin'_, by F. Paul Wilson. Same theme, tres scary.

TimP said...

Yep, definitely.

Here in Australia we have public health care. As a psuedo-libertarian I don't feel comfortable with the idea of victimless crimes, but unfortunately being a moron and ODing or crashing your car while your not wearing a seatbelt is not a victimless crime. I have to pay for your stupidity.