Monday, July 20, 2009

...and it still works.

I shot the Colt 1902 at the range for the first time yesterday, using factory new .38 Colt Auto ammunition with the correct headstamps from Precision Cartridge.

It was mostly just to hear it go "Bang!", so I only put two rounds at a time in the gun. I shot two, and then let Shootin' Buddy, Turk, and my roomie all give it a try. It worked just fine. Shot a little low, though, and the rear sight needs to be staked.

The magazine, while very old, doesn't appear to be the factory unit, although I could be wrong. There is no reason to suspect that the recoil spring is not all of 97 years old. It was a pleasure to use something that had obviously been built to last.


theirritablearchitect said...

"...It was a pleasure to use something that had obviously been built to last."

As are all things built to last, I find. :)

Robert Langham said...

My 1903 Colt pocketmodel .380 shoots great with any ball ammo. It's often a carry gun. Accurate. Nice trigger. Tinky sights but you just have to slow down a bit.


og said...

i was at precision cartridge on saturday. if you ever want to place a big order let me know, i can save the shipping. and cash saves you the (cough)sa(cough)les(cough)t(cough)a(cough)x(cougg)

Les said...

We shoot our little .32 a TON! Was the wife's first gun, in fact.

(She's onto a .45 now...)

The sights have fallen off a few times, so I gotta find a reputable person to stake 'em in...

Even with HUGH hands, the gun seems to fit alright..