Monday, July 13, 2009

Forces aligning against me.

In retrospect, it was a good thing that I took Caleb up on the range trip Friday.

My original weekend plans called for a trip up to Wildcat Valley with Shootin' Buddy on Saturday, but that started to slide into the ditch at an early hour. Specifically, at 0mygawd30 in the morning, when my roommate's alarums went off so that she could hie off to her ham radio shindig here in Indy.

Now wide awake and unable to fall back asleep, the realization struck that I was short of several critical components for the day's activities: clean jeans and clean socks, for starters. As soon as the laundry got started, it commenced to raining outside. And I don't mean a gentle drizzle, either; it was raining public transportation vehicles and gardening implements.

I gave up the whole thing for a bad idea and we rescheduled for Sunday morning at Iggle Crick.

Guess what range was inexplicably closed yesterday? Yup. Shooty goodness was just not going to happen for me. Better luck next weekend, I guess.


Canthros said...

This could all have been prevented if only you had consulted your horoscope.

og said...

it was the twelfth. And there were two of you. Twelve minus two is ten, and ten divided by two is five. And mikey jackson is part of the jackson Five. And he died on the 25th of June.

it's all interconnected. You didn't see this coming?

Anonymous said...

FYI, a little rain does not stop us at Wildcat. You can shoot all afternoon at one of the sheltered ranges (like the steel critter range).

Nothing like shooting in the rain during summer--it's nice and cool and the rain keeps the less dedicated (or more sane) away.

Shootin' Buddy

Noah D said...

Nothing like shooting in the rain during summer--it's nice and cool and the rain keeps the less dedicated (or more sane)

I found this to be quite true, back when the Atterbury range was in it's earlier low-cost, low-noise incarnation. As nice as the new facility is, I find myself missing the old one a great deal.

I'm trying to introduce two new shooters to the sport, but I'm not sure where to take them; I'd like to get in pistol, .22, centerfire (.223) and shotgun. I'm not a member of ACC (yet), Atterbury is just too loud and expensive, I won't darken the door at Popguns unless I have no other choice, and Wilbur Wright has one range for shotguns (no backstop), one range for pistols and .22s (25 yd?) and one range for centerfire (50-75 yd), and never the thrice shall meet. Not terribly useful, and the range officer has a tendency to hover around anyone who's not obviously a Fudd. At least he asks sometimes before he begins to pick up your brass.

Tango Juliet said...