Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Having been running my iPod via the slow USB 1.1 connector on my old iMac, I have to say that plugging it into the eMac was a bit of an eye-opener. Trying to fill even that little 4GB device at 12Mbit/s was like trying to drink Lake Michigan through a straw, except without all the dead fish and industrial pollutants. The procedure was slow enough that I rarely changed the playlists on the gizmo because, like cooking in a crock pot, you'd plug it up and then check on it every so often to see if it was done.

Now I plug it in and zip! Done. It's amazing how a little detail like that can increase the usability of a device by an order of magnitude.


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That would be This particular XKCD comid, I think.

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Funny you should mention this, what with USB 3.0 rolling out soon.