Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's been roughly handled.

Marc Rubin, the ignorant tool who wrote an op-ed on what the 2nd Amendment means on his planet, has been roughed up across the blogosphere for the last few days. I believe the beating started at Robb's place, but more than one person got a boot in.

Now Kevin's got him down and is stomping him like a naked fat guy at Altamont.

The best part? Kevin also published the dude's email. This guy doesn't need an editor, he needs a translator. Seriously, he should sue whatever school system handed him a diploma for criminal negligence and depraved indifference.


Anonymous said...


It makes much lamentations to read such words.

Well, actually I have someone else read them for me. Who could be expected to actually understand such HARD stuff?

Sarah Brady, et.al

channeled by J, t R -- and an unpleasant task,it is.

theirritablearchitect said...

Rubin doesn't need the kind of beating he's been getting. He'll never change his mind about the situation, no matter how convincing the arguments are against his positions. He's a true-believer, and therefore his philosophical standard can not be wrong. He's convinced of his rightness in this matter.

The only other alternative then, is to outright threaten him. I simply do not care if this upsets others' sensibilities. It is the ONLY way he'll ever keep his filthy mitts (and those like him) away from outright confiscation, despite his assurances that he and his cadre aren't of any mind to do so.

Like your friend Marko said, there are exactly two ways to deal people, and since reason isn't going to work with Mr. Rubin, force will have to be resorted to, and in my opinion, it can't start soon enough.

He's made his position clear, and sooner or later, he's going to act on it. Him, or more likely the goons that he controls.

Brad K. said...


If you were to make up some View From The Porch t-shirts, and we bought some, could you send Marc and Robb a free t-shirt for every dozen or so we buy?

Simple slogans on a tasteful shirt. "When seconds count, the cops are minutes away." "No I don't have a permit for that gun. Do you have a permit to ask stupid questions?" "Daisy BB Guns. Keeping neighbor kids off the lawn since 1886." (That was just for fun!) "How will *you* respond, when Mexican drug cartels seize Mexico, and send the Mexican Army north to Minnesota to raid?"

I am sure you have many other designs that work much better.

Anonymous said...

Ever visit "T-Shirt Hell"

If it still even exists...

There may be found T's to offend just about any one...

Truly the product of a sick, but very funny mind.

Anyway, VFTP T's may be very nice as gifts for newlyweds, bat & bar mitzvahs, Christmas, graduations and other significant life events.

Think of the wonderful conversations started at the Reception Hall, among drunk relatives who can't stand one another, and on and on...

Sacred Sign Verify: decri

J, t R

Kevin said...

. . . stomping him like a naked fat guy at Altamont.

I literally laughed out loud! :D

High praise indeed from the Empress of Snark!

Tango Juliet said...