Sunday, December 13, 2009

Choice of words....

The CNN headline reads:
Americans arrested in Pakistan had bright futures.
Right. No doubt they also had incandescent personalities and explosive job prospects.
Down the street from the mosque is a house listed in the name of A. Minni, a 20-year-old American born in Virginia who is believed to be Ahmed Abdullah Minni, the focus of the Pakistan report.

Minni regularly went online to watch attacks on the U.S. military in Afghanistan, leaving comments praising the actions, the report said.
Handy Tip For Wannabe Terrorists: If your name is "Achmed Abdullah Anything" and you are surfing the internet to and leaving comments under the handle of "tntunderoos" or "Sinbad al-Semtex" or whatever, you might as well put a big neon sign over your house that says "Come Stick My Ass In Guantanamo", okay? Jeez, even the neighborhood pot dealer knows to use euphemisms when talking on the phone, and the odds of the local Deadhead's phone being tapped are nearly zilch, while the odds of the internet wanderings of somebody named "Achmed Abdullah" being scrutinized approach mathematical certainty.


staghounds said...

"His mother said she and her husband were already in Pakistan looking for a wife for their son..."

What, he didn't have any girl cousins?

Anonymous said...

The operative word in that headline is "Had". Even that is a "maybe", however. When you're eat up with the terminal stupid, you likely don't have all that much of a bright future.

It's hard for me to believe that somebody as foolish as Minni didn't run his mouth about his Internetting. The devil would be selling ice cubes before any innocent bright-future person would be associated with such an idiot in any way.


Drang said...

I liked the bit about how they were all middle class and well educated, "unlike most tangos."

BTW, glad to see The Snark is back.

Ken said...

Dave's not here.

Aaron said...

Apparently even with all this hot ready-for-jihad action, the FBI wasn't aware of them until they were arrested in Pakistan:

While Pakistani officials have said the men admitted trying to connect with militant groups, an FBI note sent to American lawmakers said the bureau has "no information linking them to terrorist organizations."

Don't you feel safer now?

wv: trulav as in their trulav is that jihad stuff.

Boat Guy said...

"My future's so bright I gotta wear ... a bomb vest"???
These numbskulls fell for the prosletyzing at the "local mosque".
Too bad they WON'T go to Gitmo, 'cause ObaMao's gonna close it and send the folks to the USA.
As for the Feebs, welcome back to the "law enforcement approach" to terrorists.