Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pants on fire...

Bloomberg calls his little organization MAIG, for "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", but we all know that he really means "Mayors Against All Guns".

Rust never sleeps, and neither does Bloomberg's ego; he's going to ride this pony as far as he can, no matter how many millions he has to put in its nosebag to keep it going.


Midwest Chick said...

I glanced through the document. It's interesting that the MAIG people want to increase federal bureaucracy by one new agency and one new department. There might be more, all I did was a quick scan.

Mikael said...

Wouldn't it be ironic if he got shanked by a thug? Just saying...

Will Brown said...

I thought the effort was called Mayors Against Guns Illegally.

Stranger said...

Of course. There are only two types of gun control advocates.

The first and in many ways the most troublesome are "Those afraid of their neighbors," with the subcategory of "A gun hurt my child so guns must die."

The fact that the fearful are honestly afraid or angry and will not be persuaded to seek professional help make them a tough nut to crack.

The other is the professional criminal. Of which there have been many gun control activists sent to prison in the 40 plus years I have been around. Unfortunately, more of that lot are still on the loose.

I have my own opinion of Bloomers, which I will not repeat here. But I rather expect to see Bloomers name in the crime news sometime in the future.


Kristophr said...

He needs to be made a registered Liberty Offender, and forbidden from approaching within 1000 feet of a polling place or elective office.

Allowing him a vote or office is like allowing Chester the Molester to drive his candy van near schools.

Anonymous said...

Time to vote the offending asshole out of office!

Michael Z. Williamson said...

And Indpls now has a Republican former Marine officer who's anti gun.

My comments to him are going to be...pithy.

Will Brown said...

And Indpls now has a Republican former Marine officer who's anti gun.

A condition that is surprisingly more prevalent then the CW would have it. Not just Marines by any means, I quickly learned to wait until an opportunity arose to respond to a commissioned officer's statement rather than the contrary. In my (not at all rigourously documented) experience, at least 40% of those I came into contact with over the years (on active duty, as a civilian in .mil employ and just in general civil contact) have expressed some opposition to general civilian ownership and/or right-to-carry outside of the established US mil context. The percentage wasn't nearly as high amongst NCO's, but there were a surprising number (to me) there too.

My impression was that alomst universally they were fundamentaly elitist A-hole's to a man (and virually all of the .mil nurses I've ever chased ... er, met have agreed with the sentiment).

Don't be surprised Mike when your man proclaims his convictions to be the military command norm. If his service wasn't a heavy rotation of combat assignments at the platoon/company command level, in his experience it probably was.

Ed Foster said...

Sorry about the former Marine whacko now running Indy. I don't know how it happened, although, channeling Will Brown, my time was all muddy boots and diesel for bug spray.

I pray he was a REMF, but even so, he is spitting on his oath, and a disgrace to better men than him, to an organization that is supposed to defend, not usurp.

I suspect he is neither an academy man or a mustang. What pissant college did he ROTC out of?

Tam said...

I don't know how anti-gun Ballard is.

I mean, sure, he hired Straub, but Straub is pretty much powerless.

Also, Ballard comes out to the local gun shows and buys a frickin table to press flesh with local gun owners.

Does YOUR mayor do that? Didn't think so.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

In my opinion, Ballard is a hell of a lot better mayor than the clown who preceded him. I certainly wouldn't have wanted a third Peterson term.

Randy said...

Of course. There are only two types of gun control advocates.

You left out Statist Politicians (left and right) that emphasize the Control aspects. Firearms encourages the pesants and serfs to be uppity and not accept whatever their betters in the .gov give them.

Oh, wait, you did mention Professional Criminals, didn't you.

My bad.

GeorgeAtl said...

My most recent gun purchase was at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, the guy that was sued by Bloomy.
Gotta give him some support after God only knows what his bills were during that folly.

Firehand said...

As to military officers, found this the other day in one of Jeff Cooper's commentaries, message he got from a friend in the War Zone-Mideast:
"I met our main body yesterday. They all arrived from the aerial port of delivery (APOD) in (of course) Condition Three. The first thing our unit S-4 (a VMI graduate no less) asked me, `Sir, where is the armory? These Marines have loaded weapons, and we need to turn them in before they have a negligent discharge.'
I've heard similar from a number of people; an awful lot of Annapolis and West Point graduates really don't trust their own troops with arms, let alone us nasty undisciplined civilians.