Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank you, Janet.

With your "The system worked" boner, you have provided a sigline that will go down with "The fundamentals of the economy are strong", "Read my lips: No new taxes", and "I did not have sex with that woman."

Good work. The t-shirt hawkers and bumper sticker merchants on Zazzle thank you.

UPDATE: Breda scores with the zinger of the day...
Can't they just put me on a terrorist watchlist so that TSA will leave me alone?


Bram said...

By "system" does she mean that passengers will now beat the shit out of any Muslim looking man behaving strangely? That is my system now.

John Peddie (Toronto) said...


Entitles her to instant membership in The "Mark Twain Hall of Fame" (political section).

Almost as good as an instant Nobel Peace Prize.

Somebody's gotta be making this stuff up.

OA said...

I'll buy a shirt if they have Tyne Daly's image above the quote.

Anonymous said...

Recently a man from my county was arrested in Las Vegas for a Murder allegedly committed here. The elected prosecutor then went in front of the microphones and proclaimed a "victory for law enforcement".

Yeah, except for the dead body, a total and complete victory.

Government focuses on themselves. Janet's definition of working is that the government responded to the terrorism. The system he is referencing involves her department, not any of you serfs.

Remember during the Democratic debates when the candidates were asked what they would do about a new 9/11? Barry said that he would send first responders. Great, good work, Barry, another victory.

BTW, the government prefers you dead as you are less of a problem to them when you are dead.

Shootin' Buddy

Ish said...

Can't wait to see how well the medical system works.

Matt G said...

We've come to the point where we're allowing idjits with fireworks in condoms to buffalo the TSA into being the most effective terrorists the airlines have yet seen.

Arm the pilots and lock the cockpit doors and take it back to ca. 1990, and leave it alone.

Anonymous said...

your tax dollars at work!The adminin. has put the most incompatent loons in key positions. Thus allowing the most incompadent idiot in office i.e. the moron oboma, to claim the system works !! GOD HELP US ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, the government prefers you dead as you are less of a problem to them when you are dead.

Stalin: Man is the solution to all problems. No man, no problem.

(If that isn't verbatim its pretty close)


Anonymous said...

This administration has the potential to reverse the economic decline with T-shirt sales with quotes like that on them alone.


Skip said...

I believe she would be more at ease and we would be safer if she was standing in line at Window #3 of the unimplowment line.

Mudruck said...

Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know that people like this are looking out for my safety when I'm traveling.

Well it's either that which is making me feel that way or it's that discount jar of oysters that I got at the five and dime.

Och, anyone have any Mylanta?

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Let's nerd it up a bit...

The system does ['not']{,1} work.

...ignoring that I don't think you can use a string like that in a regular expression, that's the way you can make her statements true regardless :)

capcha: conuadi. "con u..."

Sigivald said...

The fundamentals of the economy were strong, though.

Most of this slowly-dragging-on mess has been - rather than some fundamental issue with the economy as such - uncertainty and rent-seeking related to the neverending "stimulus" of government meddling.