Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ending the year with a bang.

...and if you like guns, Staghounds has photos from an awesome museum, including a real live Puckle Defence.


rickn8or said...

The guy is sorta like me.
Except he can sing.
Don't make me prove this.

Anonymous said...

He likes guns? Then why doesn't he own some?

In Indiana we call that collection a kid's starter kit.

Crazy Ozzies.

Shootin' Buddy

Stranger said...

I had not thought of the Puckle gun in years.

Considering the problems we are having with devotees of the Religion of Peace, or more accurately of "Infidels in Pieces," a major manufacturer should immediately develop a major caliber sidearm with a square bore. Firing 250 grain erupting half inch square soft lead projectiles at 1200 FPS.

To shatter the terrorists convictions anent the advantages of Peace instead of pieces, of course.

Besides, I don't have one.


ditto said...

This video cracked me up.
I guess if I had those same guns I would be singing too.

staghounds said...

Thanks for the Tamalanche!

Isn't an H&K, with its polygonal bore, sort of a Puckle descendant?

Having played with the one in England (With the curators, not as a burglar) I can attest that they seem fairly practical for their purpose- short term static defence of choke points like bridges and fortress hallways.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been to that museum and have the poster. Oooooh.

So The Museum of the Royal Danish Arsenal. Really nice building, beautiful collection, the pictures don;t even begin. Racks upon racks of rifles, armour, muzzle loading cannon, breech loaders, ...

see here:

Those with naval bent can go here:

(Fabulous collection of wooden warship construction models.)

Beaumont said...

I've been humming it all afternoon.

TimP said...

Ooh, I want the black pump-action rifle. I didn't think you could own an "evil black rifle" in Australia. :-)

Ross said...

You can't - he had to go to Cambodia to film that video, I believe.

Tam said...

For the buzzguns, yes. (Actually, that was probably Thailand.)

The pump-action "EBR" was one of those Remingtons that eats out of AR mags, and plenty legal in restrictive foreign locales like Australia or California.

Matt G said...

He likes guns.
He doesn't like Rule Three much, though.

Tam said...


Yeah, I saw it, too. :(