Saturday, December 05, 2009

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Everybody knows that it’s not terrorism unless the perp in question had an Al Qaeda membership card in their wallet, left a copy of their orders signed by Osama Bin Ladin on their dresser, were dressed in a “Jihadworld” tee shirt, and had the melted remains of an official Little Martyr’s Club decoder ring found on their charred finger.

Unless each and every one of those criteria is met, you can scream “Allahu akhbar!” ’til you’re blue in the face while mowing down infidels at the mall food court, and it ain’t terrorism, Achmed.


bobn said...

it ain’t terrorism, Achmed.

"Silence!!!! I kill you!!!!"

og said...

You misspelled it.

"Silence! I Keel you!!

Otherwise, spot on.

Roberta X said...

...Yeah, but adopting a technique doesn't make some random Islamic ijit a Double-Naught Spy getting orders di-rect from bin Laden, either.

Building them up into something larger than what they are -- even assuming there's only one "they" -- gives them more power and authority than they could ever manage on their own.