Saturday, December 05, 2009

Shooter malf.

If the biggest things I took away from my Todd Jarrett class were related to grip, the biggest things I took away from my Louis Awerbuck class were related to trigger control. I have really improved my follow-through and it's helped my accuracy a lot. Today, though, was the first time I'd shot the Para Gun Blog 9 with gloves on since last spring; I'd forgotten how much feeling they take out of the trigger.

I was banging away fairly rapidly when the gun suddenly did not go *bang*, despite me having the trigger good and bottomed out. As my support hand came over the top of the slide, my eyes noticed that the hammer was still to the rear. My eyes reported this fact to my brain, but it just sat there confused as my hand, absent any countermanding orders, ran the slide and returned to the grip. Yup, that was an unfired round that flew out of the ejection port...

Apparently I hadn't let the trigger reset. I've had that issue with the junky trigger on my 22/45, which has a reset way out in another zip code, but that's the first time I'd ever done that with a 1911. The Para itself continued to run fine, despite being absolutely filthy; mad props to that Strike-Hold dry lube.

One other thing I'd noticed is that in the last couple months of concentrating on my trigger press, I'd gotten pretty sloppy about leaning into the gun and gripping it firmly, so I made a real effort to get back to that towards the end of today's range session, and I'll be sure to work on it more tomorrow.

It never got above freezing in the shade this morning, and I didn't wear my warm boots, so I punked out after about an hour and half, when I couldn't feel my toes any more and my hands were getting too sore to load mags without fumbling. It's supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to shoot longer.


Ritchie said...

Look into some 2mm scuba gloves. Better yet, put them on your hands.

Diver's Supply Indy West
4030 North High School Rd
Indianapolis, Indiana 46254
(317) 297-2822

No consideration was received in exchange for this information.

Ed Foster said...

The scuba gloves sound like a good idea, which I will definately try out.

As for shooting in chilly weather (sorry, it's only chilly, come deer hunting in the Green Mountains sometime for cold), have I boasted shamelessly about youngest daughter's first high power match?

A windy February morning, wet sneakers and jeans, with way too little jacket, and a score of 354. Dad's still beaming 3 years later.

B said...

Glad you like the Strike Hold.

Thanks for the plug.


But you are better off cleaning with it than running the gun dirty.

SOrry we couldn't make this last Blogmeet.

Seeya next time.


sam said...

Perfect practice makes perfect. Otherwise, you are only reinforcing bad habits.

Train as you fight, fight as you train. Etc.

WV: mingly (adv.) example - when certain body parts get cold, they get mingly.

Firehand said...

Coming into winter I always try to practice some with my gloves on. And it always sucks.

Draw feels awkward as hell; grip feels different; they block the laser; lousy trigger feel; but you'd damn well better do it at least a few times.

Scuba gloves... there's a shop or two here in town.