Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh, cowboy up!

A working rancher has a few things to say to us city-slickers regarding weather and whining...

(H/T to The Travis McGee Reader.)


red said...

I do my best not to complain about the weather after watching a documentary on Dick Proenneke living in AK.

40 degrees inside your cabin (with a roaring fire) sounds cold but it's probably pretty nice compared to the -50 outside.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tam. I guess we all need a reminder now and then. We had snow forecast about a week ago and I went out and put already-chained-up tires on one of the cars just so I wouldn't have to get up the next morning and hang iron while the nasty white stuff was coming down. Gone are the days, I guess, of just jumpin' on the car and seein' how far I could drive before I had to get out the chains and adjusters. Or take my ol' '70 Bronco and challenge myself to drive the whole six miles to work without havin' to get out and lock the hubs.
Makes me realize that just 'cause it's raining today doesn't mean that I can't go out to the gully behind the house and try out the two new magazines for my Beretta.

wv: pantiess- I shouldn't get mine in a twist over a little cold and wet weather.

Rob J. (inbredredneck)

Billll said...

Up till recently, as Will Rodgers said, Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

Recently we've had people actually trying to do something about it. They hope they can change it, y'know?

Frankly I prefer the whining and carping. It lets people vent their frustrations, and it costs a whole lot less.

Tango Juliet said...

I was kinda tired and achy last night after spending the better part of the day scooping and snow blowing. Deep, solidly packed snow doesn't want to move.

But I did it myself and helped many neighbors in the process.

NotClauswitz said...

If you don't like the weather, get on a plane to Hawaii.
And why the hell would Teh Muslims want to bomb Detroit - aren't there a lot of Muslims there?

Billll said...

Remember the point system for getting into heaven.

Laura said...


i love when WORKERS, not office dwellers, take time out of their day to tell the rest of the world to shove it.

seriously...i do. there's nothing worse than someone whining about their first-world problems of WAAAAAAH I CAN'T GET TO THE MALL. cry me a river, whiners.

dave said...

Recently we've had people actually trying to do something about it. They hope they can change it, y'know?

Look, I'm doing the best I can. I sold my compact pickup and bought an SUV; I refuse to use CFLs; I fly airplanes burning leaded gas; I'm even going to go buy a chainsaw with a (gasp!) two-stroke engine! But despite my best efforts, it just keeps getting colder.

JimB said...

I don't get it either. If I'm warm,dry, fed and no one is shooting at me I'm ok. Too many whiners in this world.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. And;
"Guess I will go feed my hungry cows and horses."
What? No bulls, steers or heifers? Just cows? Must be a dairy, but even those I worked for as a kid usually had a bull around. In that case, you go feed your cattle. Cattle. "Livestock" also works. -- Lyle

Just My 2¢ said...

Thanks for keeping a sense of humor! FWIW, here in Wyoming at 7,000' elevation, we're headed into our 2nd night at -17°F. I have to tell you, I got a real chuckle over all of my old high school classmates in Indiana, Virgina, North Carolina, etc. being so tickled about a white Christmas.

In keeping with the Whiners blog - you darned flatlanders know nuttin' about bad weather!