Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a joyous day that would be.

Christopher Dodd, who has been a leech on the body politic since before disco died, may need to look for honest work next winter. (Unless he's been socking those campaign funds away, like his gun-banning daddy did...)

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Jim said...

Tom Dodd demonstrated how long a criminal could pose as a crime fighter. In New Haven on May 24, 1971, I wrote the first two or three AP leads to his obituary. There was no special pleasure in it, but recording other political deaths has made me sadder.

Chris was always seen as a lucky-sperm lightweight, and only the essential lunacy of the Connecticut electorate permitted him a trip to congress in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the Repbulicans could run a water cooler against Dodd.

In fact, didn't the Republicans on "The Simpsons" select a water cooler to run for Mayor of Springfield?

Shootin' Buddy

pdb said...

I'd like to doubly point out that Dodd is neck and neck with Peter Schiff, who despite being terribly awesome, hasn't updated his website in a month and is basically not actively campaigning.

These are the moments that make American politics worthwhile.

NotClauswitz said...

Go Chris Dodd, go away! GO! Get! Git!

Michael in CT said...

Sadly Dodd is one of my senators and I look extremely forward to seeing him defeated next year, by hopefully a large enough vote difference that Dodd is humiliated

TJP said...

Shootin' Buddy: Rob Simmons is the equivalent of a water cooler.

We just got rid of this guy. Please--I realize he looks like Captain America compared to the Connecticut members of the Left-Wing Dingbat League--but I'd take almost anyone else.

Tam said...

If Satan were running against Dodd, I'd try and find something nice to say about the devil and mail a campaign contribution check to hell.

NotClauswitz said...

I just hope something nice and similar is able to be done for Pelosi and Boxer, not to mention Frankenfeinstein...

Mikael said...

I guess if he was reading this blog, he'd be feeling the love...

Now I admit I'm left(though more libertarian left, so to speak), and also not american and kind of clueless on a lot of the politicians, so forgive me if I say that last year, during the election hubub, I was actually rooting for him a bit, based on what little I read on his stance on issues.

However having learned a bit more about the man since then, and seeing Schiff's economic reports... I hope Schiff gets his seat. Thumbs up for someone who's been alerting people about trouble that all the rest lied about.

Ed Foster said...

Simmons was a pretty good congressman, especially since he represented the "Military District" down around Electric Boat/New London Sub Base/Camp Governor.

He was also a first rate gun guy, and seems more than willing to work with the tea party folks.

So yeah, I'll send him fifty bucks and stuff some envelopes.

As for Dodd, the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and even having the Hartford Courant as a bitch can't hide the nasties forever.

For reference, that waitress Dodd and Ted Kennedy raped in D.C. way back when? The entire story is still available, along with the sworn statements of the witnesses, under freedom of information act access.

It seems there's a law on the books in D.C. that says a congress critter gets a walk on anything except murder if the accuser chooses not to press charges.

Said accuser, along with the other waitress and manager who pulled those two sociopathic slobs off the girl and called the cops, all retired the next day, at around the age of 30.

Dodd Senior was one of only 2 U.S. Senators ever kicked out of office for corruption, the other being fellow Democrat Sen. Bilbo, who ended up doing time for selling Federal contracts during WWII. A wonderful family.

PHV said...

The only downside of voting against Dodd is McMahon.

rickn8or said...

Shootin' Buddy, Ed Foster--
I'll tell you in two words why I'm not optimistic about
Dodd losing his job: Ted Kennedy.

If the people of Massachusetts can re-elect a slimebucket like him for 40 years, anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to say Dodd is my senator. He's the senator from the state I currently live in; and that's it. He knows he's toast, but he's to oarragant to step aside and let some else (any other dem in the state stands a better chance of election at this point) run for "his" office. Last time he had a fundraiser we had 100 Dump Dodd'ers out there, more people then attended the fundraiser. Today he had another fundraiser with Joe "Opps, I put my foott in my mouth again" Biden. This time Sissy Chrissy Dodd was to scared to even show up for his own party!
Oh, and Michael: Schiff will be holding a grand opening of his campaign HQ in Milford on Dec 17th. Depending on the time, I'll probably be there. Friend him on facebook, he updates almost every day there.

Ed Foster said...

Ricken8or, The polls have Simmons running about 12 points ahead, and remember he was the Congressman from the hardnose conservative south-east coast, where almost everybody's in uniform. They'll all turn out for him, where lots of them were bored to tears with most of the RINO's the Republicans have been running locally.

How we were lucky enough to get a real, ballsy conservative like Jodie Rell for Governor is beyond me.

She realizes there is nothing to be done to save the Hartford State House cluster f--k from itself in it's present incarnation, so she's announced she isn't running for reelection.

After our sphinter challenged Attorney General becomes Governor and finished screwing the state's finances into the ground, I hope she comes back and offers her services in picking up the pieces.

She came to the shop, sat down with us for more than an hour, talked about every thing she's done as Governor, and didn't hold back a damned thing. One hell of a gal. And she brought the coffee and doughnuts.

rickn8or said...

It sounds like you've done your homework; and I hope you're right.
This time next year, I'd love for you and yours to be standing around me, pointing and laughing at my pessimism.
We both know the Donks are 'way over the line, I'm just hoping that FINALLY the rest of the electorate realizes it too.
("If you vote for a Republican, you're gonna LOSE your Social Security!")