Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I think someone got a spanking.

Item: Indy mayor Greg Ballard is unambiguous enough on 2nd Amendment issues as to actually get a table at the local gun show to press flesh with voters that own guns shooters.

Item: New hiree, public safety director Frank Straub, opined that "...we have way too many guns on the street and way too many people that own guns."

Item: There was a bit of a stink.

Item: Frank Straub was backpedalling furiously on page A1 of today's Indianapolis Cat Box Liner, saying "Uh, I meant illegal guns."

For some reason I'm getting these mental images involving Ballard saying, in a Slim Pickens voice, "What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a'goin' on here? I hired you to be the public safety director, not to piss off the NRA!" I'll bet Frank's still having difficulty sitting down.


Joseph said...


"I paid you to be the public saftey director, not jump around like a NYC gun banner!"

tomcatshanger said...

What does a public safety director do? Badger the police chief and fire chief?

Diogenes said...

Good!! More of this please!

If only mayors of southern cities had as much sense...

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis Public Safety Director manages IFD, IPD and the dogcatcher, inter alia.

It was created after Lugar's Unigov when the bazillion little towns and villages inside Marion County merged into Greater Indianapolis, excepting Southport, Speedway, Beech Grove and Lawrence. (However, Tam did tell me that Crow's Nest, northern Marion County, still has a town marshal).

Just wait until he sees his first Indianapolis gun show. If his little Eloi mind thinks there are "too many guns" without seeing a 1500 gun show, then the sight of him driving by while Billy, Kenny and Tommy all carry guns back and forth along 38th Street, makes me smile.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

That's the right website for IPSD.

I hate computers.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid!! Franks is just that and more! And i hope he has a heck of a time trying to sit down.

Anonymous said...

A pro gun mayor named Ballard.Logical to me.


Randy said...

Everytime I hear of someone being hired from New York or DC to fill a similar postion in Free America (AKA Flyover Country), I instantly have a flash of the old Pace Picante commercial: "New York City!?! Somebody get a rope!"

Blast Hardcheese said...

Aching backside? Nah, I'll bet Straub has a headache:

"Send a wahr to the main office, tell 'em I said-"

"Send a wahr, main office, tell them you said ow. Got it!"

Andy said...

Lesson for those entering the workforce after school:

Always know your boss' opinion.

w.v. punprion: previously used play on words

Nathan said...

Meridian Hills also still has a town marshal. I believe he serves as town marshal of Williams Creek as well.

Joanna said...

"SHOVELWHONK" is my new favorite onomatapeia (spelling? you get my drift). We need more of it in Washington, I think.

Sam said...

"Correcive phrenology" is what I read elsewhere. "SHOVELWONK" would surely be part of that toolkit.

WV: gense

As in, "does this here shovel have enough gense?"

Anonymous said...

"Illegal guns" is just another term for "guns". How would he know how many "illegal guns" there are, and if he knows there are so many "illegal guns" he's admitting that there are already laws in place, and admits that nothing is being done to enforce those laws. Hence it's all a distraction and a lie designed to cover for the fact that he's an anti gun, anti constitution bigot. He should be removed from office, post haste. No one who questions an enumerated right should be allowed to be dog catcher, much less a "public safety director". Yeah; what the hell is a "public safety director, anyway?. Does he enforce building codes, put out fires, badger the police chief, or what?

Better yet; after firing the loser, eliminate the redundant position altogether and save the constituents some money and hassle. -- Lyle

Mark Alger said...

Helplessness of the off-kilter gigglebox variety. SHOVELWHONK.

Tee hee.

As Joanna says, spread it around.


Matt G said...

Hee! A day that starts off with a Blazing Saddles* reference is a good one, but it's even better when it's a Slim Pickens ref.

*Audio NSFW!

Noah D said...

Today's sneering editorial, brought to you by the staff of the ICBL.

Paul K. Ogden said...

For those of you who think Mayor Ballard supports the Second Amendment, Ballard has taken the position the City of Indianapolis does not have to comply with the Second Amendment.