Tuesday, January 12, 2010

QotD: Mike and Breda win the Internets.

"I wonder if there are shows for other ethnic groups, like Germans."

"No, there are definitely no shows for Germans. Germans are boring."

Mike nodded in agreement. "Yeah, but we want Germans to be boring...because when Germans start to become exciting, that's when France gets invaded."

That's pretty funny right there.


Anonymous said...

If that animal enzyme nurtures the sense of humor, I should be the funniest s.o.b. on the planet. Left to my own devices I would eat pig every morning and cow every night.

But I don't get the funny in this quote...?

Tam said...

Let me guess: German ancestry?

Aaron said...

The problem is as the more boring the Germans, the more insufferable the French.

The Germans are rather overdue to invade France again:

War of the Seventh Coalition 1815
(55 Years)
Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871
(43 years)
First World War 1914-1918
(21 Years)
Second Word War 1939-1945

So we have an average of about every 40 years, Germany invades France.

We're well overdue, and the French are insufferable as a result.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Germans are ok, except for the whole WWII thing. Could be worse. We could be talking Austrians. They have the sense of humor of a Prussian and the discipline of a Bavarian.

Ed Foster said...

Hmmm... See my comment on Breda's site.

Mike W. said...

Aaron - Perhaps the French are always insufferable, which is why the Germans invade them...

theirritablearchitect said...

Oh, I don't know. Having been married to an authentic, fresh-off-the-boat Krauter (a Swabian, no less) now for eight years, I can say with some certainty that it's not been boring...in a very stereotypically confrontational sort of way!

Frank W. James said...

Re: The Austrians, it is good to remember they have convinced the world that Hitler was a German.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

DirtCrashr said...

Is that why the French cut down all those splendid shade-trees?

I met some Austrians when I was living there who were happy to remind me that he wasn't German - my dorm was around the corner from an "old soldier" bar.
But the Germans were happy to support him while most of the sehr anspruchsvoll Viennese thought he was a frightful little bore.

Nathan said...

I'm half German and a quarter Austrian, and I still think that's hilarious.

Must be the quarter Russian.

Kristopher said...

Austrians: The missing link between Humans and Italians.

George said...

I'm half-German, half-Irish, and ALL AMERICAN, and, I think it's hilarious!

Sigivald said...

You mean Alarm für Cobra 11 isn't a documentary?

Jason said...

I fail to see how wearing goofy leather shorts with suspenders, dancing badly yet energetically to music that no one born after 1800 would consider listening to except at specific times during the year and drinking lots of beer to wash down plate after plate of der piggybitzen is boring.

I blame the Prussians. Great soldiers, lousy partiers. I'm sure the Hessians were also similarly humorless, as they failed to see the humor in General Washington's Christmas raid, known for the letter to the Hessian commander that said only "Prithee, what nowe, Bytches? - Gen'l Geo. Wash."

Johann de Kalb and Frederich von Steuben excepted, of course. de Kalb was Bavarian and von Steuben had to have a sense of humor considering the numerous translation errors in his C.V.

Tam said...

"Prithee, what nowe, Bytches? - Gen'l Geo. Wash."

Okay, I LOL'ed. Hard.

Jason said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

"Let me guess: German ancestry?"

French, actually.

reflectoscope said...

"Prithee, what nowe, Bytches? - Gen'l Geo. Wash."

That would make a pretty good t-shirt, I think.


Anonymous said...

Prussians as great soldiers?

In which alternate universe? If they are so good why does their country belong to someone else and Prussia ceases to exist?

All the Internet nerds babble on about the Dutchies but the Dutchies always get beat like a drum. As have been said by someone far wiser than me, must be the cool-looking tanks.

Shootin' Buddy

Cybrludite said...

The problem with those cool-looking Panzers is that they suffered from German over-engineering. (A German anvil has over 70 moving parts, and has to be wound twice an hour...)

Chris said...

I always like Mike Royko's comment that when some Germans get together and start drinking, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know they're in Czechoslovakia.

Rick said...

A common remark in teh Army is,

"Why would you want to study an Army that can only defeat the French?"

Army of Dad said...

"Prithee, what nowe, Bytches? - Gen'l Geo. Wash."

Oh thank God that I didn't have any of my peach vodka spiked tea in my mouth or I would have ruined a laptop.

Funiest thing I have read all week. Just awesome.