Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mayor Ballard gets his Anti-Gun on.

First Frank Straub, now this...

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard vows to veto guns-in-parks. Apparently he likes folks getting mugged on the Monon Trail, or something.

If he has the sack to pay for his usual table at the next Indy 1500 gun show, trying to schmooze his GOP base, make sure you tell him you remember. And that you'll remember at the ballot box, too.


Anonymous said...

Bob Grant is taking Marion County GOP straight down a rat hole.

Shootin' Buddy

Pointman said...

Ballard is a Marine. Even Ollie supported the AWB at one time (something like "if you want to play with machine guns join the Marines") and over time educated himself.

If Ballard catches on - and this is the opportunity to educate him - the he may be salvageable. And when it comes right down to it I'd still prefer him over anyone the Dem's would offer up.

That makes this a potential opportunity for a Libertarian...

Sarah said...

Oh, hey, I completely agree with that Mayor. You Indiana citizens with totin' permits are sane, law-abiding folks when you carry at Wally World or in your vehicles or wherever but, if you carry in the city park, crossing that invisible boundary between non-park and park land will turn you into frothing, serial-killing, gun-toting maniacs. My *feeeeeeeeeeeelings* tell me all that, so it must be true!


Tam said...

Well, you know, I was gonna massacree a whole bunch of people in the park today with the handgun I had to pass a federal background check to buy, using the CCW permit I had to pass another to tote, but the fact that I might get fined for carrying it in the park changed my mind...

alath said...

The veto will be an annoyance.

The "thinking" behind the veto and his stated reasons for it are a disgrace.

If the man can't be bothered to think through his policy decisions any better than this, he needs a permanent vacation from his duties, starting with the next election.

Carteach said...

If he DOES have that table at the gun show, I can see asking him some questions there.... with the PA system, or a bullhorn.

John said...

In Ohio, most of that Auntie shixx has be canned by state level ruling and legislation.

And the PO'd rural population is the demographic that put the votes into office to achieve that. As well, the state has some kick butt pro-gun orgs.

Anyone know if the Indiana gunorgs are on this case?

'incyt', yup, that's what's needed; a buncha inciteful folks down at that statehouse in the corridors, raising first hand hell...unh...educating those legislators with DA FACTS. But y'all know that, anyway. Good luck.

Tam said...


Yeah, we have preemption, too.

Speaking of Ohio's awesome gun laws, I changed my route from Indy to K-town so as to avoid your state altogether, since you won't let me carry my sidearm there.

John said...

Ohio is has been legislatively anti-concealable gun since the Civil War, at the state level. The border unpleasantness along the Ohio River left a strong State Law Enforcement prejudice against anyone but the poo-leece going around heeled.

Another 'heritage' of that wartime police state, is that the State Troopers here are still notorious for their para-military attitude towards the lowly citizens. Especially ones who happen to be transporting -- shudder -- guns.

Getting the CCW law thru was uphill all the way, and it had quite a few near unworkable caveats demanded by the State Troops.

Another round of legislative teeth-knocking and at least the more arbitrary aspects were removed. It's not perfect, or as good as some other states I'm told.

I'm not an expert on the subject, being mostly a pavement pounder, sign waver, voter registrar, and letter writer. However, it's quite likely that contrary Ohio would only recognize CCW's from states with more restrictive laws than their own.

The Aunties can't be too damn careful in guarding against the presence of those statistically low-crime gun-carriers, y'know.

Thanks for the info.