Thursday, February 04, 2010

Overheard in the Kitchen:

Me: "Wow, Rannie made good time running across the house as soon as my back was turned. Quiet, too; I didn't even hear her."

RX: "That's what they were made to do."

Me: "Run silently across hardwood floors?"

RX: "Run silently in general."

Me: "Still, that's bothersome. I'm normally pretty solid at hearing the pitter patter of running cat feet up to no good. I must be getting old."

RX: "Well, Tamara, you know what it means if you stop getting old."

Me: "Yeah, you become a vampire and have to feast on the blood of the living."

RX: "Uh, that's not where I was going with that."


perlhaqr said...

We'll still love you, even if you become a concubine of the damned, Tamara. But we're still gonna have to stake you and cut off your head. It's just business. ;)

Anonymous said...

Run silently? Rubbish. Everyone knows that cats can teleport.


GuardDuck said...

Cats only let you hear their pitter-patter as a way on herding you into the ambush.

The silent one's are planning on disemboweling you with the claws. The noisy one's will then jump on you and clamp their jaws into your jugular.

Don't take it personal, you are just the wildebeest in their savanna.

Joanna said...

The only thing keeping my cat from eating me is the difference in our respective sizes and the fact that I feed her on a regular basis. We both know that if either of those changes, all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know that cats walk through walls? Robert Heinlein told me.

B Woodman

On a Wing and a Whim said...

The cat who attached herself to the household doesn't walk through walls, but every now and then I swear I can sense a glare through the back door. When I get up, sure enough, she's sitting on the doormat impatiently waiting to be let in.

I can only hear her walking if she wants me to - I don't know how the cat alters her density, but she makes no noise when being sneaky, lots of noise when thumping around playfully, lofts herself easily to the highest reaches and precarious perches, yet somehow manages both limp and incredibly dense when she doesn't want to be picked up.

B_L said...

Vampirism was my first thought as well.

Timmeehh said...


Why not a zombie?

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that my cat will kill me in my sleep the moment she learns how to work the can opener by herself.

reflectoscope said...

I can dig a six-pound cat moving silently, but how is it a six-pound cat can stomp her feet so loud? *That* is the part that spooks me.


Sam said...


Everyone knows that Tamara is far too attractive to be a zombie. Sheesh.

If she were a vampire, she could continue to bring teh sexy. No sparkles required. (No, I didn't see the stupid movie)

WV: isecrec: Apples next big thing.