Friday, June 04, 2010

Top Shot preview:

The Little Giant has a link up to an extended 11-minute preview of Top Shot.

Lots of groovy, super-slow-mo "bullet time" stuff.


Anonymous said...

It's like drag racing with slingshots.

I can hardly wait to see it on the Little Screen.

Shootin' Buddy

Don said...

Stephen Douglas?

Tam said...

You didn't know? In the shooting community, Caleb is known as "The Little Giant". I know this is true because I saw it on TV! :D

Don said...

I saw it on Facebook, and I resolved at that moment that I would bring up Stephen Douglas every time I see it again, *because I can.* God bless America. :)

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Little Giant, but if I get the chance to make fun of him for holding a slingshot wrong, I'm going to do it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the fact that he is holding a sling, correctly or incorrectly, enough reason to mock him?

Mock, mock.

Shootin' Buddy

Don said...

Seriously, I hope they let him work with a double-action revolver at least a little so everybody sees what he can do with one.

Ed Foster said...

I resemble that remark. Actually, I'm pretty good with a sling.

2 oz. lead sinkers with a foot of shoelace tied through the loop, acting as a tail. With a 100 yard smallbore rifle target set up at 50 yards, they're all on the paper and usually in the black.

And it's fun to see the look on people's faces when I go 5 for 5 on tincans at 50 feet to 20 yards.

Practical? Probably not, but it's something I've played with since I was a kid.

Grampa O'Connor was amazing with a 30 inch or so sling he twisted up out of some strapping we had in the barn. I never asked what use he put it to in the old country.

Looking at the female former Marine made me wonder what the Corps is doing nowadays.

Even a BAM should know you raise the rifle up to your line of sight, not lower your eye to the sights. The ergonomics of the M-16 are perfect for an instinctive hold when the head id kept raised and the rifle is brought up until the tip of the nose is just touching the charging handle.

Try it. You'll be looking right through the battlesight.

W.V. is distrusk. That being what Popeye feels for Bluto perhaps?

Tam said...

She placed #92 in the '09 President's Pistol Match at Camp Perry; maybe handguns are more her thing.

Anonymous said...

Cool! And I was just recently criticizing the History Channel for spending way too much time on Bigfoot, space aliens and ghosts. This'll be a reason tune in again. -- Lyle

Caleb said...

Tara (the one girl) is in fact a competitive pistol shooter - she's an all out stud with a bullseye handgun and not someone that I'd want pointing any kind of handgun at me.

Someday, I'll figure out where they got that Little Giant thing from....

Dixie said...

Someday, I'll figure out where they got that Little Giant thing from....

Probably the same firm that thought up "pocket rockets" and "big boomers" for the anti-gunners.

Tam said...


"...she's an all out stud with a bullseye handgun..."

Yeah, you don't make President's 100 without being unbelievably good.

Ed Foster said...

Truth. My buddy J.B. Stern, the world's most colorful SEAL, is there, and on the Navy's rifle and pistol team as well.

I can remember when I used to beat him. Of course that was one car crash and 40 pounds ago, plus a thousand hours or more of serious practice on his part.

Did anybody see that military study saying at least 5 hours a week of challenging practice is needed to maintain maximum weapons skills?

Tam said...

USAF friend of mine, a senior NCO, used to talk about going through a FATS simulator with one of his "young majors", also a President's 100 Bull's Eye pistol shooter.

He said that when the scenarios were scored, he got the first hit, a coarse A-zone tag, and then, a fraction of a second behind his first hit and before the second round of his controlled pair, would be one right between the running lights from the Bull's Eye guy.

Anonymous said...

So...the first installment was last night and I don't get the History'd the boy do?

Oh, and as to the Little Giant thing, he can only be glad they didn't get ahold of that Ahab handle..."watch as the little hunter does battle with the elusive giant..." :O)