Thursday, August 04, 2011

Big Bang Theory.

A new gun blog, Rational Gun, has an informative post up on the development of the Knight's SR-25 EM, a shorty .308 AR-type carbine.

There was a guy shooting a 16" .308 at the carbine class I attended last year; I can't remember off the top of my head if it was an Armalite or a Bushhamster. I do remember that I wished he'd been using a can. (I mostly tried to shoot in the other string.)


Hunter said...

Yeah, I try to imagine running through a carbine course with my Springfield Socom. Just not feeling it. Though the low-light portion would be pretty awesome.

RJIII said...

My Saiga 16" .308 is shocker to anyone close. Loud and with Tula ammo,almost a flamethrower. FUN

Anonymous said...

And everyone was looking at me!

Shootin' Buddy

T.Stahl said...

When our club shoots pistol/revolver matches against other clubs, we try to get my brother and a friend shoot together with the opponents.

They shoot .44s and their loads are the other kind of 'special'. ;-)

Goober said...

it got dirty and finicky

Just like every direct impingment gun ever made. I never figured out how anyone expects a gun that craps where it eats to last long under battle conditions.

Unless it has a piston kit, I'm not interested.

Tam said...

Yeah, whatever.

Didn't even read the whole article, did you?

ExurbanKevin said...

Shorty .308's are three weapons in one

- A rifle
- A flamethrower
- And a concussive grenade

Anonymous said...

Like the old Army .44 black powder cap and ball: a Quadruple threat weapon!
1. You might hit him with a bullet,
2. If the bullet misses, the muzzle flash might set him on fire, or
3. He might lose you (or trip and fall) in the cloud of black powder smoke, or
4. If all else fails, you can beat him to death with it.

greg said...

That is indeed a fine looking gun, and the write makes it sound at least as reliable as I require a gun to be...

But jumping jehosaphat! The MSRP was $5,600!!!!!!!!!!

ACE Hardware down the street from my house has carbine size DPMS .308's for right around $1,000...maybe I'm just a totally non-recoverable cheapskate, but man, the thought a backpack full of those vs. just this one gun...

Someday, I WILL win the lottery, and then I can have nice things like this...I hope.

Firehand said...

Last Tuesday I walked onto the range just as a guy touched off a Socom; even with earplugs, DAMN! Put the muffs on over them fast as I could.

Goober said...

Yeah, whatever.

Didn't even read the whole article, did you?

Were you talking to me? If so, i did read the article, did i miss a spot where they said that it was piston operated? Or are you referring to the fact that they absolutely assure you that the reliability issues are, like, totally solved and stuff at the end? Splashing muddy water into the action doesn't address the powder-fouling problem inherent with DI designs. Most guns will fire with a bit of muddy water in them. What I want to know is will the thing keep firing after 500 rounds without cleaning the way my piston operated gun did last season (my money is on no, regardless of the claims that they make in the final paragraph). Or is it like most DI ARs where you'd better break it down after every third clip or you seriously risk malfunction?