Monday, August 22, 2011

Well that's disorientating...

Normally the alarms go off at Roseholme at 0600. I'll saunter into roomie's room and make sure she's heard them, and then flop down on her bed to watch the little man and woman in the magic talking picture box tell me if it's going to rain today and whether or not the city burned down last night. I'll then meander into the kitchen at about 0630 and scrounge up something breakfast-like, and then go try and be creative on the computer until about 1000 or so.

Not this morning. Woke up on the fly this morning, prepared to gulp down some coffee, cram for my plaque test, leave a one-paragraph placeholder post and head out the door to see Almost-A-Doctor Katie at 0900...

...only to double-check the appointment card and see that the dentist's appointment is for tomorrow morning, not today.


That'll mess up your scheduling, right there.

EDIT: If only I'd known how prophetic that last sentence was.


BobG said...

Sounds like that coffee is much needed.

Fodder4Thought said...

Ambush Dentistry!

She'll never see it coming.

Weer'd Beard said...

Wife was doing the same thing but in the opposite. She noticed she had an MRI scheduled for this morning that she totally forgot about.

Disoriented is disoriented.

You get to go back to bed, she had to make other things ready so she could spend some time in the magic humming box to look at her hacked-up brain.


Carteach said...

At least you checked the card before leaving the house, and didn't arrive at an appointment far, far away a week early.

Let us not discuss this any further.

Mike W. said...

I do silly crap like that all the time. Sucks not being a morning person.

BGMiller said...

My alarm went off at 0515 just like every other Monday.
I smacked it into submission and wandered into the marvel of modern plumbing just like every other Monday.
I got dressed, scritched little dogs, and wandered toward the door just like every other Monday.
As my hand touched the knob a little voice reminded me...
I was burning a vacation day today.
I could have slept in.


Bubblehead Les. said...

"Just another Manic Monday, wish it was Sunday..."

See, sometimes Reality DOES come with a Soundtrack!