Thursday, August 18, 2011

Public Relations Protip:

When touring the shuttered factories and idled industrial plants of the heartland to bring hope and change to people whom you would like to vote for you, you shouldn't do it in a foreign-made RV. I cannot believe that this gaffe slipped right by all the 20lb brains on Barry's PR staff.

Mr. President, if you had a scheduled stop in Elkhart, IN, you may want to just go 'head and cancel it now that this story has got out.


Robb Allen said...

At least the Magical Misery Tour Bus is decked out in Americana with red white and blue bunting and little Stars & Stripes hanging off the windows, right?

Oh, wait. That would indicate some pride in one's country. Never mind.

greg said...

Sigh. What really blew my mind was reading the article and finding out that the bus had no sleeping least all the musicians and other fancy folks the article is talking about actually SLEEP in theirs.

Yet another example of 'Out of Touch'.

And 2nd Rob Allen's point about decorations on the's not like the Darth Vader look is inconspicuous if that's what they were aiming for.

Anonymous said...

Tam - now that this story has got out

To whom? MiniTru? The brain-dead idiots who are likely to actually show up at his events?

Bush Classic didn't know the cost of a loaf of bread and it was national news - a national SCANDAL - for days. President Pathetic preaches "buy American!" to people struggling with unemployment while driving about in a Canadian-built luxury bus and it's... crickets.

It's no different than him jetting in on Air Force One to rail against corporate jets, or shoving a burger and fries into his piehole after lecturing everybody else about losing weight, or heading to Brazil after urging everybody else to visit the Gulf Coast. The man has no shame, the rules don't apply to him, and MiniTru won't call him on it.

Anonymous said...

Come now. It's hard working dissing and alienating even those who worship and adore you.

Time for a nice rich folks vacation on the proles last dime. That should make them feel better. I know it will me. Come Michy, come girls, come Bobo, let's hit the Vineyard for a week or two!


RWC said...

What docjim said.

It's being reported that the Plunder Run bus was from Nashville since it had some alterations done there.

Shrimp said...

Please! The people he expects to vote for him worship the land of "O, Canada" as a utopia of social democracy, or "America as we think it should be, without the guns." In the minds of the minions of dear reader, the fact that the bus was built in Canada is feature, not a bug.

Tam said...


"In the minds of the minions of dear reader, the fact that the bus was built in Canada is feature, not a bug."

Not when they're laid-off employees of Thor Motor Coach.

Barry got Indiana's electoral votes by a 1% squeaker; this isn't going to help him any in Hoosierville.

Shrimp said... a feature...

crap, I hate when I do that.

WV: impant

I needed to impant an indefinite article in that sentence.

Shrimp said...

Dear reader's minions and dear reader himself still expect them to vote for him, though.

My point was that the dear reader and his flying monkeys didn't consider the fact that the bus was from somewhere other than the USA to be an issue (with likely voters)because they worship Canada and their freehealthcareforall(tm), so of course everyone else on the planet must, too.

I'm not saying it won't cause a backlash. I was just responding to this part here:
I cannot believe that this gaffe slipped right by all the 20lb brains on Barry's PR staff.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Of course, we now have to store and service those Monstrosities "Just in Case" Barry wants to try to copycat Palin's Bus Tour again.

Brad K. said...

I liked the Herman Cain quip at the end of this PJTV clip (on Obama's encounter with the Iowa folk),

"But we already got the Godfather (Herman Cain, first CEO of Godfather's Pizza). That's right. And he don't make threats. He makes pizza."

og said...

Best part is, they'll probably crush it.

The last Presidential limos on public display are at Henry Fords museum in Dearborn Michigan. After the Clinton Caddie, they began crushing them all. The stated reasoning is they don't want anyone knowing what they do to armor them. So this Canuckistani Coachworks behemoth will probably be a couple million bucks of crushed crap in a couple weeks.

The Raving Prophet said...

The bigger irony is that we were talking about all the people he has thrown under the bus, and how he ACTUALLY HAS A BUS.

I wonder if his bus tour across the Midwest isn't his own way of tossing the entire nation under the bus.

perlhaqr said...


"The wheels on the bus go *thump thump thump*"

Tam said...


I love you, man. :)

Tirno said...

Actually, Raving Prophet, he has TWO buses.

There simply wouldn't be enough room under just one.

Jeff said...

As much as I hate to stick up for him Prevost is generally recognized as the best tour bus manufacturer. Its not a coincidence that there are companies in Nashville that pimp them out.

At least its probably cheaper than him running around in air force one, if not more disruptive.

I'd love to see him go to Elkhart!

Sigivald said...

I can't make myself care much.

It sure looks like that Prevost bus beats the biggest Thor (the Tuscany line) on engine power, which is kinda important when you're armor-plating it. (And in size, being three feet longer...)

(Hell, here in Oregon we have Marathon Coach. Which simply refits Prevost busses.

It seems to me that the big-luxury-bus market isn't actually just a motorhome.

Thor doesn't make buses. They make motorhomes. They're not the same thing, despite superficial similarities. The Secret Service armored buses, for one thing, don't have slide-outs.)
I'll give the SS a pass, 100%, for not buying a Thor, because the Prevosts look like they're better for the job.

And if the STate's going to blow a pile of money on transport for Government VIPs (note that it says that these aren't for the President's sole use), I want them to buy the most suitable chassis, not the most politically apt one.

If nobody in the US makes a chassis as good as a Prevost, nobody in the US should get the business.

... and a quick search suggests that, indeed, no US company makes something that can beat the Prevosts.

So, meh.

Baker M. Romeo said...

Sigivald: I agree.

I detest Obama as much as anybody, but I hate "Buy American!" rhetoric a hundred times more. If Obama and his fellow snails are getting the maximum bang for their ill-gotten buck, then it's better for all of us than if he spent more money to get an equally equipped vehicle that happened to be built by Americans, or if he got a crappier bus for the same money.

Of course, we'd all be better off still if he weren't spending our stolen money to drive around the country to push nonsense and bad economics.

Tam said...


I believe you are missing my point.

I agree with you.

However, I am not an unemployed swing voter in Elkhart County, nor any other rust-belt county at which the Cavalcade of Hope is scheduled to stop.

Obama could have had his coach hand-knitted by Betsy Ross and painted black by Henry Ford and could fill the chemical toilet with gold doubloons shat from his ass to pass out at every stop and I wouldn't vote for him; I'm not his target audience. The fickle guy who votes based on whether he has a job or not on polling day is.

Scott said...

Sigivald: And I doubt very much the "20lb brains on Barry's PR staff", let alone Himself, have a whole lotta say in the Secret Service's purchase decisions - Thank God! And I'll wait with bated breath for the GOP nominee to turn down that sweet ride.

Anonymous said...


Tell you what. I'll bet you a C-note right now that the GOP nominee will not hit the trail in "their" copy of the Big Black Bus, and everyone here is witness. Tam's been on the receiving end of some (small) Paypal transfers from me, so she knows I'm real. If you win, I'll transfer your winnings to her on your behalf.

And I'll further guarantee that if the 'pub nominee does hit the road in that blacked-out bus of shame, he/she will not get my vote...because that would be one dumbass politician.

Will you take that bet and make that same pledge here (just about the bus, I ain't asking you to throw your vote)? If so, whoever wins, Tam keeps the dough for providing this lovely Porch on which we chat, and other services rendered. This precludes any concerns of any actual illegal gambling activity, and is money well-spent in any case. might be helpful for you to know that I am not a gambler.



Anonymous said...

I'm with Sigi, I don't give a rats arse that it's from Canada esp. as there does not appear to be a competitive US builder, if were from China now, then I'd perk up.

It is kinda sad though that there is no US builder.

Anonymous said...

The bus bothers me because Barry is out there pushing "buy American!" and trying to make out that he's focused like a laser beam - a LASER BEAM, I say! - on putting unemployed Americans back to work.

Which he does by buying his bus in Canada.

Yeah, the Secret Service have their rules and so forth, but, at the end of the day, THEY work for HIM. He could say, "Guys, I'm taking my tour in a Chevy Volt. Any problems with that? No? I didn't think so."

And what's he taking a bus tour for, anyway? He's got a fleet of Air Force jets, Marine helicopters, limos, etc. to take him to whatever golf course or burger joint suits his fancy. Why did he see the need to go blow a few million (borrowed) bucks on a friggin' bus? Palin envy?