Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Overheard in the Office:

While we were at the State Fair, Bobbi picked up a couple of neat-o garden auger bits that could be chucked up in a drill motor and used for planting bulbs and suchlike in the clay soil of the raised bed in the back yard.

This morning I was messing around on Amazon and saw one of their Dealio-of-the-Day things.

Me: "Hey, Amazon is having a sale on this "Milwaukee Fork Meter & Cordless Drill" thing. I don't have a drill motor and I don't know what a 'fork meter' is..."

RX: "[arcane explanation involving amps and volts and things that can electrocute me and which I therefore avoid like the plague]"

Me: "So that's something you could find a use for, then?"

RX: "It could come in handy."

Me: "Is $99 a good deal?"

RX: "What do they normally sell the meter for by itself?"

Me: "Almost that."

RX: "So, free drill."

Me: "Right. On the way."
Tools are neat things. I'm glad that some people know what the heck they do. Me? I'm mostly an idea person; execution is generally somebody else's department.


North said...

America wouldn't have an obesity problem if more forks had meters.

Tam said...

Your internets is in the mail. :)

North said...

I hope it tastes good covered with awesomesauce.

Ed Skinner said...

(I fear a "turbo encabulator" post is coming... [see youtube])

Keads said...

Ed, The one from Rockwell Automation is funny!

wv: coment- No really!

Keads said...

That is a good deal, and as any good geek would say: "It could come in handy".

One is on the way to stately manor!

RWC said...

Wait until next week when they offer the board bender package.

og said...

I've used that drill, it's good.

get two extra batteries. You'll thank me.

The Raving Prophet said...

Those little 12V drills are FANTASTIC. Mine is a DeWalt 12V MAX and not a Milwaukee (the sheer amount of stuff Milwaukee makes that uses those batteries is epic, but I preferred the feel of the DW), but generally they're all the homeowner really is going to need.

They're small, so they fit into confined places, they're powerful, they're light, they're just great.

If the toolmakers would have come out with these a few years ago I never would have needed a 18V drill.

Cybrludite said...

And you can mod the drill to be a battery charger, if need be.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

"auger bits that could be chucked up in a drill motor"

I thought we couldn't drill any more... but then again, I guess you're not offshore...

Dann in Ohio

Les Jones said...

The fork meter is for measuring your O face.