Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughts on "fit"...

Brigid has a great post on the importance of being able to make sure that you have room to wriggle your toes when you buy that new handgun. Very clearly written. If you can't reach the trigger or the other controls, that pistol isn't going to be as useful as it could be.

About the same time, ToddG put up an excellent post on how the way a handgun "feels" can sometimes be illusory.

Read both.


Anonymous said...

yes m'am, reading.

Boat Guy said...

I don't get over to Brigid's very often anymore, though her photos and writing are wonderful. Hadn't looked into ToddG much at all.
Todd makes a good point that measurements of what is actually achieved are a much better arbiter than "feelings".
That said, there are handguns that "feel" better in the hand; I doubt that I could shoot a Ruger Blackhawk enough to get much better with it 'cause I get REALLY tired of the damn thing busting my second finger, same thing with an N-frame using the skinny original grips. If either of those was all I could obtain, I might be enough of a big boy to suck it up and improve; fortunately for me, I have options (Blu Magnum being down the street is pretty cool).
Still accuracy and speed (ToddG makes a good point in writing that one won't know what will be "good enough" in either) count more than anything else ever will.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd also throw in that one should have a pair of Gloves with them while "Test Driving" a Pistol, especially if you live near Ice and Snow, or plan on visiting such locales. Why? Because one shouldn't have to tell the Goblins in February to "Hold on until I take these off". Kinda embarrassing. FWIW, Mas Ayoob did a nice article a Generation ago about "Winter Guns", and what one has to do to stay protected when its 10 below the Well Digger's Butt outside.

Bullets2Bandages said...

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Firehand said...

Reminds me of being told to use the decocker/safety on a DAO pistol as a safety since 'you can just thumb it off as you draw'. Which sounds nice, but with most slide-mounted-safety pistol I flat cannot do that; the positions are such it just doesn't work.

Well, unless I twist my grip 'way round to reach it, in which case I then have to twist it all the way back in order to aim & fire.