Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Remember six months ago, when France, Italy, and England dragged a reluctant Obama into agreeing to participate in a "no-fly" zone to ground the Libyan Air Force, so that Qa... Kha... Gadhafi wouldn't be able to use it to massacre unarmed civilians? And Obama said stuff about "time-limited, scope-limited" and "days, not weeks" and how we'd just be providing logistical and reconnaisance support for other NATO forces?

And how we then spent the next six months handling the brunt of the sorties, making sure Qa... Kha... Gadhafi's planes didn't fly, nor his helicopters, or his tanks or cannons or armored personnel carriers or guys with rifles?

Because I remember it happening pretty much that way, but MiniTru is telling me I'm wrong:
President Obama added a victory to his record on Monday as Libyan rebels moved closer to seizing control from Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi...
Wait, what? A quick scan around the usual sources and you'd think that Barry was preparing to storm Qa... Kha... Gadhafi's compound single-handedly, with a knife in his teeth, and gas prices will recede like the oceans did at his election.

(Seriously: the local news had a reporter and camera crew out staring at the digital price sign at a local Speedway gas station in the pre-dawn darkness, waiting for the numbers to fall on the news from Tripoli, like a Roman augur taking the auspices from a flock of pigeons crapping on the Forum.)


Tango Juliet said...

How can anyone expect oil prices to drop significantly since they're indexed to the increasingly worthless US dollar?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Of course The Anointed One will take credit for winning the Non-War in Libya. After all, this is the guy who led the Navy Seals into Bin Laden's Compound and single-handedly put a Stern Warning right between his eyes, after all.

Next up: The Destruction of those Vast Right Wing Tea Partyers!

North said...

Dammit. Les beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Meh. Godaffy's (probably) gone, something I've wanted since the halcyon days of Ronaldus Magnus.

Captain Bullsh*t can claim credit all he wants, but I think that AT BEST he'll get the same dead-cat bounce that he when the SEALs arranged for bin Laden to be Zarqawi's new roomie*.


(*) See Iowahawk's "Zarkman" posts; hillarious.

Brad K. said...

"Barry was preparing to storm Qa... Kha... Gadhafi's compound single-handedly, with a knife in his teeth, "

Naw, it took him 16 hours to decide to take down bin Laden, and he wasn't even on vacation, then.

If Barry "pulls the trigger" again, it will be about October 2012, and will be spun as a "strategic success" with no consideration for any elections that might be just around the corner.

Golly, I hope America doesn't elect any more Chicago thugs anymore.

I did my Navy boot camp and ET school at Great Lakes, back in 1973-74, and met some fine people in Chicago. And yet the image the area earns is Al Capone, Mayor Daley, and (Kenyan native son and "Oh, did *that* opponent drop out, too?") B. Hussein Obama. Oh, and Chicago is known for denying handguns to the law-abiding, even though their crooks don't have an access problem. I miss Paul Harvey.

Anonymous said...

It really is all about Him and don't let anybody tell you it's not.

That said, it looks like MoMar is on the way out and as far as I know, not one American has been killed or seriously injured in combat. Is it OK to say mission accomplished?

Bram said...

TJ got it right. Oil prices can't drop fast enough to keep up with the dollar's free fall as the Fed keeps printing.

Jay G said...

Y'know, we could have "won" in Afghanistan by nuking the place to glass, and I'll bet that would have resulted in zero American lives lost.

It's good that no American troops were killed. Let's say that up front.

I would, however, like to know how much American money has been spent in Libya. The vanguard US press, who kept a rolling tally of both deaths and costs when the guy in the Oval office had an (R) next to his name, is strangely silent now...

Stretch said...

Carter talked the Shah off the Peacock Throne and was rewarded with The Ayatollah.
What gift will Barry receive for helping depose Q-K-Gadaffy?

RWC said...

Easy answer Stretch. Sharia. This is Obamas Iran.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Jay: You just made today's Quote of the Day.

It's also... interesting how the running totals for Iraq and Afghanistan disappeared shortly after Teh Won took office.

theirritablearchitect said...

This is the most obvious story I've seen thus far of how far in the tank the MSM is for Barry, with a headline everywhere declaring victory for The One in Libya.

If this isn't enough to make one sick, I don't know what is.

global village idiot said...

Pulcher didn't like the fact that the Holy Chickens on board his ship didn't want to eat before his battle with the Carthaginians off Drepana - he threw them into the ocean so they'd drink.

One wonders if there were chickens floating in the Potomac on 18 March.

And to Jay's point, Scipio Africanus affected a similar solution on Carthage, only after a similar, needlessly protracted struggle and at a much greater cost in lives and treasure.

Western civilizaton has been reading the auguries wrong on North Africa for more than two millennia. No good reason to start getting 'em right now.


WV: byting (v.t.) - when you close your laptop and it pinches your fingers

Anonymous said...

If I recall from reading the newspopo, Qa..Ka..Ga..Curleys oil was all ready spoken for by the UK.

It was a big reason for letting the Lockerbie bomber out of prison early so he could return to Libya.

Maybe Obama should campaign in 2012 as making the world a better place for BP.


Pathfinder said...

Listen, Missy, that little bit of knowledge was supposed to hit the Memory Hole a week ago. Put it there immediately - and this never happened!

wv: ingum - put that tidbit ingum the Memory Hole NOW!

Pathfinder said...

And GV Idiot, "And to Jay's point, Scipio Africanus affected a similar solution on Carthage, only after a similar, needlessly protracted struggle and at a much greater cost in lives and treasure."

No, no, no!

Scipio "effected" his solution, which "affected" the Carthaginians with extreme prejudice.

Old NFO said...

Les nailed it... And I have to agree with Brad, expect 'something' mid-year 2012... As far the costs, somewhere north of $100m in the first week... 90+ TLAMS at $750,000 each (discounted price)!

joesmoke said...

pooh!,pooh I say!! This entire"affair"reeks of a smash-and-grab by the powers that be against kdaffy,who was actually managing(sort of)to behave himself. The only thing that WE will get out of it is the bill,and possibly another protracted guerilla war. Thanks President Sotello,thanks a lot!!!

Ausprepper said...

Little known fact. The Whitehouse RnD guys are going to resurrect Hitler a week before the election so that Barry can go toe to toe with him.

Ted N said...

Aus: I'm strangly ok with that, as long as it's aired live. They could bill it as the National Socialist Knockdown!

Brad K. said...


Ooh! Or, maybe Obama will nominate Hitler for European Security Czar, and MoMar for Mideast Security Czar, while Congress is in recess and cannot say a thing. Now, who would make a good Sharia Implementation Czar?