Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Landed at the hopelessly twee Redmond, OR airport and took a shuttle van to Bend. (I'm almost looking forward to seeing what the TSA experience is like at Mayberry RDM on the return flight; the whole airport struck me as a pretty laid-back kind of place.)

Got to the motel room in the little resort complex.

The Good: There's a minifridge.

The Bad: It's empty.

The Ugly: I'm on foot.

What a cruel hoax the fates have played upon me! I should have boosted an extra bottle of water from the van driver. Or bought something back at the conference center.

Our hosts are putting on a happy hour in a couple hours. I think I can make it on tap water 'til then. Don't tell anybody back in Broad Ripple.



Anonymous said...

Heck, in Bend, the tap water is probably still well water. I think Portland is one of the few major (?) cities in the country that doesn't fluoridate the municipal water supply.

GuardDuck said...

Yup, just had a big brouhaha and a vote over it. Pols said 'we're gonna fluoridate the water', people said 'no way'.

Was going to ask what you were doing in Bend, but then I figured - Bend, Mid-August, Ahh Crimson trace night shoot.

Good luck on ya.

Drang said...

Since you're in Orygun, I highly recommend Deschutes Obsidian Stout, Black Butte Porter, and/or Inversion IPA.

Rogue and Stone also put out excellent products.

Aegis said...

Yeah, if you're in Bend, you're in walking distance of ten to twelve excellent brewpubs, depending on where you are exactly.

I also recommend Deschutes for your first visit, if they don't take you there for happy hour.

Anonymous said...

You might check out "Lost Creek Armory" in Bend, owner is a guy named Tom. Tell him "fatboy" sent you!

Roberta X said...

...Brutes on the ground in Bend, ey? ;)

1911Man said...

Some of the best Mexican food you'll find is at El Caporal West, at Bond & Franklin. I've never been to the regular El Caporal, near Greenwood/20 & Denser/27th, but it's the same people.

Dan Atwater said...

I second Lost Creek Armory (bought my first gun from them) and third Deschutes brewery. Also for a good burger check out Pilot Butte drive in.

The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit said...

Depends - there are a LOT of "resorts" that are waaaaay outside of Bend and not within walking distance of the Californicated downtown....

KM said...

The Ugly: I'm on foot

Only until you make a phone call.
Or bribe the nearest driver you see that doesn't look like an axe murderer.

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

"Bottled water" is French for "tap water from somewhere else".

Paul said...

Heh, that's funny right there.

It does amaze me the amount of drinkable water to be found in the US. That is one of my concerns in my preps. Without water all kinds of bad things happen, pretty quick like to.

Ancient Woodsman said...

OK, I'm jealous. I loved Redmond.

The first few times in Redmond were middle-of-the-night forays that involved getting off of one large plane with a whole bunch of gear and hurrying on to another smaller plane or sometimes a bus to go someplace even more remote.

I had a detail one summer a few years back to help run the Redmond Air Center; stayed in Prineville. That time I finally got to enjoy the area in the daylight. Beautiful area, and I got to visit the wildland firefighter's memorial in Prineville (you should, too) among other things. Stop by the Smokejumper base at the northeast end of the airport for a tour, see if the air tanker base nearby is staffed and maybe get to see a vintage plane or two that is still being used as a workhorse.

Wonderful people, lovely scenery, good food abounds. I'd go back to Redmond in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

"Hopelessly twee" is my new favorite phrase. I couldn't get it out of my head all day. :)

Have fun and good luck.