Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It must be in the air, because they're not drinking the water...

Indiana State Police trooper from Evansville comes to Indianapolis for a wedding, takes a few deep lungfuls of that Indy metro air, and next thing you know he's under arrest for waving his gun around while intoxicated, and then scores bonus points for getting froggy with arresting officers.

Is there just something about the 317 that drives cops to drink?


Old NFO said...

Rampant stupidity, combined with I haz a badge and can do ANYTHING I want... sigh

Woodman said...

I'm still trying to figure out two things myself.

A) What were the Fishers/Nobletucky police thinking when they called a code red on I69 during rush hour for two teens with a backpack.
B) Why no one in any of the news reports I found had a single issue with a major highway being closed for almost two hours because Jimmy and Bobby didn't want to take their backpack to the mall.

How much money, time, and energy was wasted? How many people were put in real danger overloading country roads with pissed off drivers? And would it all have been worth it if there had been a fatal accident because of a backpack? What did they think it was, a claymore?

And I took a personal loss because I was in the convertible and didn't have a hat.

The news report praising the actions of the woman who reported it and warning people to talk to their kids about not acting suspicious almost made me ill.

Tam said...


Didn't hear about it. I must have been in the air?

Anonymous said...

It could be in the soda they add to their scotch.


Woodman said...


They were pushing everyone off at 116th northbound and either exit 14 or 10 southbound. Apparently a woman saw a couple kids stash a backpack under the overpass at exit 10 and she called it in. The police closed the highway at about 4:30 until just after 6:00.

I am inferring from the way it was presented that the police figured out what it was when the kids came back to get the backpack and ran into a bunch of cops. I'm assuming that they ditched the backpack to go to the mall; two teenaged kids on bikes going westbound on 238 at around 4:30, coming back at around 5:30, sounds like a Game Stop trip to me.

Wish TV's coverage was slobbering all over the woman who called in the potentially dangerous situation that could have saved lives, and admonished the viewers to talk to their kids about doing suspicious activities.

Ignoring the fact that overloading back roads with pissed off commuters could have cost more time, lives, and money than letting a backpack explode 50 feet from the highway. not to mention loss of freedom for security etc.

I thought it was because of the impeach Obama display at 96th street at first. But they weren't there yesterday.

Bram said...

Wave your gun in the air and party like you just don't care!

Anonymous said...

Liked your web site I found two days ago until I just discovered the comments section.
I see you have about the same amount of cop haters as another site I used to read.

Tam said...

Anon 5:49,

I'm sorry you're leaving. Can I direct you to the blogs of two of my good friends, right at the top of the sidebar? They are "the Lawdog Files" and "Better and Better".

Anonymous said...

Thanks but no. I'm retired L.E. I lived it. Just looking for a nice firearms related site without joining, having to register, etc.. Read about you on another site and at first it seemed OK. Then you gotta post some story about an idiot cop waving a gun, bringing out the haters. None of these sites seem to write about a plumber who waves a gun at a party, or a farmer.
FWIW. I like your writing style, and content. (for the most part).
Aim small, miss small.

Jeffersonian1 said...

My personal theory, for some time, has been that the badges are made of the faux kryptonite from Superman III.

Jeffersonian1 said...

BTW anon, have you ever stopped to wonder why so many people hate your "brothers in blue"?

Have you ever looked in a mirror?

Tam said...


"Have you ever looked in a mirror?"

Have you?

Tam said...


"Then you gotta post some story about an idiot cop waving a gun, bringing out the haters. None of these sites seem to write about a plumber who waves a gun at a party, or a farmer."

That's because plumbers and farmers aren't sworn to enforce the law about drunkenly waving guns around. If a plumber were running around clogging toilets or a farmer burning crops, that might be worth comment.

Jeffersonian said...

Have you?

Yes, I have.

I don't go around robbing, raping and murdering innocent human beings under color of authority.

I don't plant or destroy evidence or "testi-lie" on behalf of colleagues who do.

My worth is not measured by how much loot I rake in, how many people I kidnap, or how many rights I violate in a given pay-period.

Threats, intimidation, electric torture, and deadly force are not at the top of my list for interacting with the public.

I don't like to hurt people.

All I want is to be left alone, and I am willing and able to leave everyone else alone in return.

Tam said...


Neither do any of the cops I know. What's your point?

Ed said...

Psst. I let you into a little secret. There is no difference between police officers and the rest of the world, just the expectations others have for them. Everything is good as long as they meet or exceed expectations, but that could be said of all of us. Change your expectations and you will not be disappointed. This includes the laws that give them more privileges than you or I. Do not let your legislators pass any such legislation. Your judgement is as good or better than theirs. If it is not, then it is only a matter of training, which can be provided.

Justthisguy said...

There you go again, Tam, with the subtle distinctions and careful reading and fine nuances. You'll not go far in politics, young lady!