Friday, August 23, 2013

Overheard in the Office...

During the complicated ballet of moving breakfast dishes from the kitchen to the office, Huck is temporarily sequestered in Bobbi's room so that The Stomach That Walks Like A Cat won't bolt into the dining room and devour Rannie's chow. Rannie, meanwhile, has lost interest in her food on the dining room floor and wandered back into the office herself.

I address the cat:

Me: "Are we done with breakfast? I'm not going to leave the other cat locked up just because you can't decide whether you want to eat more or not. Even though 'indecisive' is the middle name of my cat. 'Rannie J. Indecisive Wu'."

RX: "Is this true?"

Rannie: "Wooo."

Me: "She's not sure."


the gripping hand said...

A Zen koan: Is there Buddha nature in the Rannie? Wu.

Scott J said...

Stomach that walks like a cat.

I'll have to remember that.

We recently welcomed two new kitties into our home. They're 5 months old and already bigger than the 18 month old female already sharing our home with us.

I've compared their eating habits to the class of teenage boys I taught in VBS one Summer.

The boys I compared to a plague of locusts.

Fred said...

Hmm... I think our cats are clones more and more everyday. Same colors and everything...