Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #64:

Very specialized sporting goods: An Open Class FN SLP shotgun...


Rick C said...

Why are those pens on the table? Are they tactical?

Drang said...

Prize table?

Discobobby said...

Tactical water bottle. Check. Hydration of champions.

Tam said...

Rick C,

Is game. Is not tactical.


FNH product table at the dog & pony show on media day. That's one of FN's sponsored guys' raceguns.

Commander_Zero said...

That shotgun looks like some sort of ballistic Staff of Gandalf. What is it, four- four-and-a-half feet long?

Will said...

Might as well put a long barrel on that shotgun, to protect/support that magazine. That thing really looks dumb as is.

wv: matbatt 12. Nah, worthless as a bat, too fragile.

Tam said...


"Might as well put a long barrel on that shotgun,"

Why? What would it do, other than add useless weight, alter the pressure curve of the gas system, and assuage your wounded sense of aesthetics? ;)

"That top fuel dragster would never win a rally car race!"

"You could never hit a Major League fastball with that nine iron!"

"I'll bet that screwdriver really sucks at driving nails!"

That shotgun is as it is for a reason: It is dealing with conflicting demands of being fast and shootable, yet having enough ammunition capacity to avoid reloads as much as possible, since reloading a tube magazine shotgun on the clock eats time like no other activity.

Some shooters use Saigas as the base for their open shotguns, but they are a lot harder to get running reliably; a broke or malfunctioning gun will burn more time than having to thumb rounds into a tube.


Yeah, some of the open guns are crazy long. A few guys run those X-rail mag extensions ( but I can't imagine the kind of forearm strength it would take to swing one of those around. What sadist puts up stages that need 16+ rounds of shotgun in the first place?

KM said...

What's the suppressed long gun in the middle?

Tam said...


That's rest of the blue SCAR from yesterday's post. :)

Unknown said...

Probably Tactical division, rather than Open. The new hotness in Tac division these days is to have a 12-round tube. That way you can start with the division-legal 8+1 at the buzzer, then quad-load four more rounds before getting on with the shooting.

Drang said...

See, I pile of pens and think "Those are the prizes I'd be getting..."

Will said...


having stuffed my Benelli thru wire link fences, slat fences, and small, oddly shaped holes in walls, I appreciate the barrel being there to add some protection, especially under recoil. Mag tubes tend not to be very tough, and it doesn't take much of a dent to take it out of action.

Yeah, I know it's a gamer gun, and if I was designing a shotgun stage, I could probably render that setup totally useless.

High round count stages? I think one stage ran about 25 of buck, two slug, and finished with about the same number of handgun. Maybe the same stage designer is still at work, twenty years later?

Tam said...


What can I say? All the people who get paid to shoot 3 Gun seem to think it's the berries. Maybe you could design that stage to show Ken Pfau just how wrong he is about his choice of shotguns.

Will said...

Obviously, he's not wrong in his choice, if it works for whatever category he is using it in. Actually, I'm thinking it would be practical for dove shooting in South America. Not that I've done that, so I'm not positive.

I guess I'm a bit puzzled that the rules don't cover having parts protruding beyond the muzzle. Except bayonets, of course!