Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From comments elsewhere...

At Sebastian's place:
Actually, this time we’re going to be flying close air support FOR the terrorists.

Instead of bombing al Qaeda, we’re going to be bombing the people trying to kill al Qaeda.

The GWoT is not over, we’ve just joined the other side by proxy.


Old NFO said...

That is a true statement!

mikee said...

There was a letter to an editorial page describing the interlinked support and antagonism of the groups from Libya to Turkey and down to Yemen and across to Pakistan, including almost every group of any military importance.

You cannot support anyone in Syria without also supporting someone who is also your enemy, no matter who you are.

Essentially they are all their own grandpas, and cranky as hell to boot.

I'd stay off their lawn and watch them gripe about no visitors, given the chance, but more likely a SWAT team will be needed to support the home nursing teams that want to do some good for someone there.

ScribblersDad said...

And our endgame is exactly... what? Make a point? Slap Assad's wrist and tell him "bad dictator! NO gassing civilians!" Dump him like we dumped Mubarak (and look how well THAT turned out...)
I'm personally tired of our military being Barack's plaything.

Ken said...

Some of us are for the government...some of us are against. The CIA's not taking any chances this time.

arcs said...

Well, Bush did say it would be a long war.