Friday, August 16, 2013

Unicorn sighting...

FNS-9 Competition
The FNS-9 Competition they had there was only for coonfingering and oohing and aahing, but out where the manufacturers had the dog and pony show going on the firing line was an FNS-40 Competition, coming soon to a gun store near you.

I got to shoot the .40 and was pleasantly surprised at how soft-shooting it was for a plastic fo-tay. I was able to make several hits on a 70-yard BC-C steel target cold, and probably could have gotten my batting average at that range over .500 with only a little more time on the trigger.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a FNP-9 some years ago, and it is hands down my favorite gun. (almost) nothing else feel as good in the hand.

I've given some serious thought to upgrading to a FNX. Glocks really soured me on striker fire.