Wednesday, August 28, 2013

QotD: Snark Week Edition

A black belt in snark-fu? Iowahawk has it.

Damn, I'd give an arm to have typed that. Well, a finger... Part of a finger... I'll trim one of my nails a teeny bit into the quick the next time I have the clippers out, anyway.


Jeffro said...

And what marvelous toys he has, too!

Weer'd Beard said...


Gotta love partisan hackery! Democrats suddenly don't care for world peace when a donk starts dropping bombs.

And Republicans suddenly DON'T feel like butting their noses into other nations affairs when the Democrats are pulling the trigger.

Tam said...


Hooray! You pass the Libertarian Purity Test!

Actually, most of the neocon GOP establishment seems to be fairly in favor of flying air support for al Qaeda.

Scott J said...

Denninger seems most exercised about it

Tam said...

We will be simultaneously hitting al Qaeda with drones in Yemen while defending them with cruise missiles in Syria.

America's foreign policy needs treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder.

Paul said...

Needs treatment for something. I think O'Bama is Bi-Polar. Needs some to explain these mood swings. Now if Valerie Jarret was really running things, it would make some sense.

Maybe this is pay back for biting the hand that feeds...Benghazi for those keeping score.

Anonymous said...

I really liked one of your earlier comments on the Nobel Peace Prize committee sending the "Do you like me? Check YES or NO" letter across the classroom. Seems like we have an answer.

Anonymous said...

Tam, not trying to start a kerfuffle here. But my main problem with "libertarians" is that the ONLY thing most of them seem interested in is passing "purity tests."

So much more fun to pass purity tests and try on new wookie suits than to do things like, you know, win elections.

Rob said...

"So much more fun to pass purity tests and try on new wookie suits than to do things like, you know, win elections."

Shorter Anonymous: Shut up and vote for my lizard because he's better than that other lizard!

Joanna said...

Even shorter Anon: "I don't understand sarcasm!"

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...
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Bram said...

Damn that is good stuff. I sometimes forget that Obama is always being ironic. Hence the "Affordable" Care Act.

Scott_S said...

So Anon -

I'd say something about learning from past mistakes etc but I mean that could be construed as a test of sorts. One for brain function but hey who's judging ;)

As for our dual role of protector and smiter of terrorists, WTF. If it wasn't happening right infront of me I'd call bs and go back to reloading match ammo for this week.

Matthew said...

In the words of the Young Fresh Fellows (know how I know I'm old?), Obama gets a pass because he knows how to "Hang Out Right."

mongo78 said...

In a just universe it would be "The Daily Show with David Burge"

Unknown said...


Obama doesn't have a foreign policy - too much work, he has reactions to foreign events - but the MPD fits.

Going to war in Syria would be SOP - Scandal? What Scandal? Don't you know our boys are out there dying for our country and your playing partisan politics? Shame on you.

Kristophr said...


Leaked: Last Message Out of Damascus from the U.S. State Department Crisis Team.
—Russ from Winterset

Not sure what this means, but I'm sure it's nothing serious.

Come On. Big Village.
Be Quick. Bring Packs.

P.S. Bring packs. W.W. Cooke

I guess it's some sort of code?