Friday, August 02, 2013

Some days the bar is set lower than others.

I have successfully eaten breakfast and taken the trash out. Also, I put the breakfast dishes in the sink. I'll wash them later; don't want to bite off more than I can chew all at once.

I'm focusing on manageable goals.


Scott J said...

How about some expounding on some 511 gear?

I work in an office that's anti-jean except on declared special occasions (today is one).

I'm so much more comfortable this morning than most mornings I'm eyeing the Tac Lite Jean Cut pants. I wonder if they really wear like my Wrangler loose fit.

Paul said...

One step at a time.

I do not consider tactical pants jeans. So I wear them every day. They are a finished fabric so they look pretty good, I think.

I wonder what is in the tac lite jean cut that you might be eyeing it?

Matt said...

Coffee, did you remember coffee?

Scott J said...

Paul being a portly sort (I was one of those poor kids who had to wear husky pants) most every pair of slacks suitable for a non-jean environment are cut too slim and constrict me in all the wrong places.

Buy them big enough to dodge that and there's too much risk of them taking an unplanned trip to my ankles unless I wear suspenders or cinch my belt to the point of discomfort.

In a pair of loose fit denim jeans I am in heaven comparatively. But my employer has a strict no denim policy (otherwise I'd just buy jeans in colors other than blue).

I'm looking for pants not made of denim that fit me like the classic American blue jean.

Reading more on the 511s they're slim fit so they may not be what I seek.

Gladorn said...

I'm getting to the point that I can't even function in the morning without coffee. Two hours after I wake up, then I can get stuff done.

What's all this talk about pants? Want to be really comfy? Don't wear them! (Make sure you are employed by a Union shop first, or are a sitting politician.)

Library-Gryffon said...

Does your office have a 'no kilts' policy?

Scott J said...

"What's all this talk about pants? Want to be really comfy? Don't wear them!"

That's part of my dream of telecommuting someday.

I love what I do. I just hate having to drag myself to a cubicle every day to do it.

I've been able to do a limited amount over my 17 year career but the workforce is still too full of people who need face to face on a moment's notice to make it permanent.

I've never been able to make them understand that hovering over my shoulder doesn't make me write code any better or faster.

Scott J said...

"Does your office have a 'no kilts' policy?"

I don't know but I personally do :)

Paul said...

Scott J;

I thought you might be referring to a person wearing the low cuts that you had noticed. My distraction would be female, but that is my problem.

I've been in the work force for more that 40 years now and when I worked in factories or out side I could wear pretty much anything that could keep my skin from being harmed. You do not want to run a welder in anything other than leather.

In the office, after I retrained, I had to wear suits in the beginning. Seemed kind of dumb crawling under stuff tracing wire, but that was the turf.

You can find tactical pants in about any size, and they are comfortable. get them a size to big and you will have plenty of room. The even have some adjustment in the waist band to change the waist a little to keep them north of your hips.

If I could find some dress bibs, they would be my first choice. Pants with built in suspenders. How can it get any better.

Reno Sepulveda said...

Tactical brand street clothing is just silly. If you truly want to be the gray man, why wear clothes that scream GUN NUT!?

Having grown up a short walk from Robbins Mountain Shop, I know that 511 pants were originally designed for....hippies.

Matt said...

Being a portly sort myself and not allowed to wear denim either I resorted to Dickies brand pants. Several colors, seveal styles and many sizes. I get the standard style. You do need to try them on for fit, you might need to move up or down a size (standard style). When they get to shabby for work they move into the "weekend" box.

Reno Sepulveda said...

Dickies! Tough as nails and guaranteed not to biodegrade in nature. Cheap too.

Added benefit, Dickies don't have a bunch of unnecessary pockets, loops or rings. Did I mention they are cheap?

pax said...

You got out of bed?


J.R.Shirley said...

I tried to call. And not just to gloat about my incredible breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Reno, not all climbers are hippies.
In fact 5.11s look a lot like my old button fly jungle fatigue pants.

I have a gun vest and big boy pants seem to be standard wear for middle age men in Europe when is was there last.


Bram said...

If you are using a day-planner, check those tasks and enjoy the endorphin high for a while.

Drang said...

I did not see Tam say "Talk among yourselves"!

Still, Scott, I have been wearing Riggs (by Wrangler) Carpenter Pants for a few years now. Good substitute for jeans AND for "tactical pants", and not denim. While they do have a hammer loop, it's small and doesn't catch on anything. I'm uncoordinated enough I'd know if it did...

Scott J said...

"I did not see Tam say "Talk among yourselves"!"

Well, she didn't say not to either :)

Anonymous said...

Carhartt pants are made of cotton duck and they're pretty generous.

Mike_C said...

"I did not see Tam say "Talk among yourselves"!"

Well, she didn't say not to either :)

* More-liberty society: That which is not explicitly forbidden is allowed.
* Less-liberty society: That which is not explicitly allowed is forbidden.
* Plenty-crazy society: That which is not explicitly forbidden is mandatory.

Back to pants. Scrub pants are quite comfy, but have two great flaws: 1) paucity of pockets. 2) I wear 'em as pajama pants, so going to work in scrubs feels like, well, going to work in my pajamas.

I'm looking for pants not made of denim that fit me like the classic American blue jean.
Try these pants from Horny Toad . The price is kinda ridiculous, unless you get last year's closeouts as I do. The name stays silly, but one can't have everything.

Unknown said...

I have always wondered about the ballroom jeans and firehose jeans from Duluth Trading Co....

Dwight Brown said...

" I know that 511 pants were originally designed for....hippies."

Could be. But:
* they wear like iron.
* the pockets are big enough to hold all the stuff I carry, comfortably.
* I feel comfortable in them.

Given those conditions, I don't care if they were originally designed for Nazis.

(My brother has some pants that are made out of the same material they make firehoses out of, or so he says. I forget the name of the vendor.)

Drang said...

Men's Work Pants - Fire Hose Work Pants - Duluth Trading

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

I recommend the Tactical Duty Kilts from 5.11 Tactical. Comfortable, well built and quite affordable.