Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Best-Laid Plans...

Well, maybe they weren't the "best-laid"; maybe they were only the "okay-laid", but they were definitely "plans". Or at least "plan-like".

Anyhow, yesterday at the little opening dinner put on by Danner, a thought occurred to me...

"I should find somebody who's a total gamer and just pick their brain for suggestions and that should be good for a few places in the standings over last year's dismal performance," said my brain.

"Hi, Caleb!" said my mouth.

Caleb suggested that even though we weren't shooting that night, unlike most of the media who would be shooting with the ROs, we should ride along out to the range and walk some stages and watch other people shoot, rather than going back to hotel rooms and getting shut-eye.

"That is so completely gamerfag that I never would have thought of it in a million years," said my brain.

"Hey, that's a great idea!" said my mouth.

So I tagged along out to the range with Caleb and Shelley. Surely somebody else out here would be calling it an evening early and we could just catch a ride back to the resort with them instead of having to wait for the bus, which wouldn't be headed back until the night's shooting was done at 0300 local.

Were I able to draw, here is where I'd put the little stick figure labelled "plan" and the big speeding semi truck labelled "reality".

Anyhow, although valuable intel was gleaned and I already have a few stage plans, or at least fragments thereof, forming in my mind, we didn't get back to the rooms until after 0530 local. I'd been awake since 0500 EDT the previous day, and on four hours sleep to boot.

I just got another five, but my body won't let me sleep past what it thinks is one in the afternoon, no way, no how.

I would do bad, bad things for a really tall cup of coffee right now.


Aegis said...

Are you using the COSSA range out there, or is there another that I'm unaware of just sitting out there to be discovered?

Or are you just going out to the middle of the desert somewhere? That's an option too, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

The gods hate gamers, especially Oden and Zeus. The have sent tiny harpies to keep you awake


PS Just beat Bane.

Tam said...


Really, is there any difference between COSSA and "out in the middle of the desert"? ;)

That range is twenty miles past where Jesus left his sandals and thirty minutes after my last cell signal bar. :o

og said...

Damn, I wish i'd known, I probably have a few free Emerald club rental days I could have tossed your way.

Larry said...

*pours coffee*

so...we talkin' just a little ornery, or downright evil?

Sounds like you had a good time anyway.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

Go The Tam!

But what foul daemon put you behind the trigger of a grenade launcher, overcaffinated and cranky?

"Gentlemen, there will be no taunting of The Tam on this stage."

rickn8or said...

Lack of sleep and circadian rhythms all out of whack?

You're young and resilient and will overcome it.

Angus McThag said...

Is this a situation where you roll over and ask, "Hindsight? Who let you into my room?"

staghounds said...

I see what you did with the movie references. The hallucinations will stop eventually, and you will no longer feel tiny.