Saturday, January 04, 2020

It's complicated...

Paraphrasing from a discussion with a Facebook friend who is nearing retirement yet whose MOS puts him in the likely-to-be-deployed category yesterday, regarding the Soleimani takedown:
Him: "From a moral standpoint I’m dancing a jig, but from a policy and prudence standpoint I’m concerned." 
Me: "Sums up my feelings. The dude was the next thing to a walking, talking Bond villain. But he was also a very senior official in a sovereign state and playing these kind of tit-for-tat games gets dicey. 
Your average social media common-tater (thanks, Claude!) doesn't seem to realize that this is the de facto equivalent of some country deciding we'd messed with them too much and icing our VP. Are we going to sit on our hands and say "Gosh, we're deterred. Sorry!"?"
On the other hand...

I wonder how far the nearest historical EFP ambush site is from his smoking crater?

Live by the shaped charge, die by the shaped charge?