Saturday, January 18, 2020

In theory, theory is the same as practice...

Aesop writes to defend the drop-leg holster:
Sit in a car, a delivery van, or a semi rig cab, and show me your IWB or appendix-carry draw, against, say, a robber or carjacker.With your seatbelts on (in observance of the law, natch), and maybe wearing a jacket, just to make it interesting for you.

Here's me from strong side under an open-front cover garment...

Well, actually there I was more concerned with getting the muzzle off me then drawing. Because the answer to the problem isn't always "Hey! Quick! Go for the gun!" But even with my seatbelt fastened, my draw from seated isn't terribly slower than standing, and the only difference is I lean forward a little.
We won't even talk about where that IWB is digging into you all shift...
Oh, please, Aesop! I've driven on I don't know how many all-day-long cross-country roadtrips with a strong-side IWB holster. IND-to-ATL, IND-to-MSY, IND-to-OKC, IND-to-ABQ, IND-to-FOE, and that's just in the last couple years, and not counting shorter ones to TN or OH... Make sure you don't buy crappy belts and holsters and that they fit properly.

...or where your appendix carry muzzle is pointed, sitting in a vehicle seat.

If you're carrying AIWB correctly, it should be pointing at the seat. If it's pointing at anything else, you need to fix yourself.

Then he pimps the supposed virtue of the low-rise thigh rig for driving:

Now, sit in a car seat, same conditions, and tell me where your hand falls on your upper leg:
unless you've got gorilla-length arms (which you'd need to get to any ankle rig), that'd be right where this holster sits. Handy. Readily available. Not pointed at your junk.
Five stars.
Uh-huh, Aesop, that is indeed where your hand naturally falls.

Now mime moving your hand backward from the holster like you're trying to draw the pistol. What happens to your elbow? Hits the seat before the muzzle is even clear, doesn't it?

Can you see why dudes who were issued dropleg Safarilands would use vest mounted holsters for mounted patrols?

I don't know how much you carry there in California, vehicularly or not, but you're saying a lot of things that sound really good in theory...until you pressure test this stuff in practice.