Monday, January 06, 2020

Sunday (With) Smiths

I got myself to the range again Sunday morning after Meet the Press, this time with a few .22LR revolvers.

PHLster Flatpack TQ holder, De Santis Clip Grip, and an older Dark Star Gear Apollo
I'd forgotten to scrub the chambers on the Model 34 Kit Gun and inserting the rounds was difficult, while extraction was nearly impossible. I had to pull the Spyderco out of my pocket and give the end of the extractor rod a few sharp raps to eject the shells. After a couple cylinders, I gave up and proceeded to the 43C. Even though the rounds were easy to load in the newer Smith 8-shooter, which was both much cleaner and had looser chambers to begin with, extraction was still super sticky.

Moving to the .22 Combat Masterpiece and the .22/32 I-frame was no relief. The Aguila was just super sticky on extraction. Nearly every cylinder required banging on the ejector rod with the flat of the knife handle. I think I'm going to set aside the remainder of this stuff as semiauto-only ammunition.