Sunday, January 12, 2020


Sony RX100 in Program mode, 1/50th @ f/3.2, ISO 2500
I realized yesterday while running errands that the Mustang was still driving around on the remainder of the gas I'd bought in Terre Haute on the way back from New Mexico before Thanksgiving, so I went and filled the tank last night.

It was raining, so I huddled in the meager shelter offered by the station's tiny canopy...really just a small sunshade directly over the pump...on the opposite side of the pump from my car, so as to be in the lee of the wind and rain, and waited for the ka-chunk! of the automatic fuel shutoff.

Instead of a ka-chunk!, I got a glug-glug-glug as the fuel shutoff failed and gasoline gurgled from the filler neck and onto the ground. FML.