Monday, January 13, 2020

Surreal World

Yesterday morning on This Week With George Stephanopolopolopolous, Nancy Pelosi was sounding like she'd chewed up a copy of The Federalist Papers* and was regurgitating them all over the microphone. Suddenly the Democratic Party is all about the original intent of the founders and preserving the Constitution. When did San Fran Nan become a strict constructionist?

Jonah Goldberg had the same observation of this phenomenon as I did:
"Okay, now, here’s the point. Because of all of this, the only time either party talks about restraining the president’s war powers—or the deficit, or the debt, or federalism, or transparency, or a thousand other things—is when that party doesn’t hold the White House. In short, they are foul weather constitutionalists and statesmen. (It’s like so much of our political culture: Standards and principles are things you hold the other team to.)

When the other party holds the White House, legislators take to the floor of the House and Senate and wax prolix on the need to restore the constitutional balance, restrain the imperial presidency, check runaway spending, etc. But when their guy is in the Oval Office, Katie bar the door, let’s go for transformational change, baby.

*Next thing to free on Kindle, so you can harangue people with your favorite passages by reading them off your phone. Sure to be a hit at dinner parties!