Sunday, January 05, 2020

Coincidence and Karma

A couple weeks ago I was driving to the gun store, listening to NPR, like ya do. I'd turned on the car in the middle of an interview on All IN, and it was quickly apparent that the interviewee was a veteran JSOC dude, and it sounded like he was pitching a book.

The interview was interesting enough that I wound up sitting there in the parking lot at Indy Arms for five minutes or so, waiting for the commercial break so I could hear the announcer give the old  "...we have to go to break, but we'll be back with more from..." because I wanted to read this dude's book, whoever he was.

The interviewee turned out to be CSM(R) Tom Satterly, touring to promote his book, All Secure: A Special Operations Soldier's Fight to Survive on the Battlefield and the Homefront. I purchased it the next day on Kindle and finished it in three sittings. Definitely a recommended read.

The coincidence part comes from a Facebook message I got from a friend just a couple days after finishing the book, leading me to this post, and this fundraiser:
Giving Back, LLC is a veteran-founded organization dedicated to providing top quality hunting and outdoor recreational opportunities for our heroes in uniform and their families. I have negotiated a lease for approximately 1000 acres in SW Virginia, however, in the process of getting everything to this point, it has depleted all of my available financial resources. Now it is up to me to provide equipment and management services for the property, and this is where the GoFundMe campaign comes in. I’ve been able to fund everything to date on my own, but this last little hurdle is standing in my way, and one we need to get over in order to make this dream a reality. 
In order for this lease to provide the type of outdoor recreational activities worthwhile for the therapeutic and cognitive rehabilitation we desire to provide, it will require equipment and substantial work to create an atmosphere conducive to supporting such important mental health therapies. These are not simple “feel good” things, or “fun activities” for our heroes, but merely the vessel by which meaningful healing can and does take place. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate any disability, in conjunction with our partner organizations, in order to include every member of every family participating in an event. 
This property and project will be self-sustaining in terms of funding, if we can get through this next critical phase. This isn’t just a feel good thing to do, but something with real results that we have seen work firsthand, which is why we have partnered with veterans groups and nonprofit organizations to bring all of these resources to our men and women in uniform. After years of dealing with the horrors most of us never have to see, we help our heroes return to a sense of normalcy using proven therapeutic modalities, and by incorporating licensed mental health professionals at every opportunity. 
I am always happy to discuss the details of my plan with donors or potential donors so you understand exactly where each and every penny will be spent. Thank you.
Sean is legit and so is his cause. If you can help a friend, please do.