Saturday, December 10, 2022

"Better come out, we've got magnums!"

I usually use my regular sunglasses (a pair of Wiley X Peaks these days) even on an indoor range, but that just doesn't work well for me anymore with the rudimentary matte black fixed sights on a compact revolver against a black target background. I had to actually bust the Hunter HD Golds out of the range bag to be able to make out the sights clearly.

I'm beginning to be of the opinion that the .327 Federal Mag cartridge is really best for a medium frame revolver with a full grip. While it's not at all painful to shoot in this Taurus 327 with the hot loads...really, that rubber grip is one of the better factory small frame revo grips I've tried...there is a noticeable amount of muzzle lift.

It's not so much that I think raw split times are necessarily important in self-defense type shooting, but being able to assess things in the moment, what Louis Awerbuck called "checking your work through your sights", seems important. Having my sights pointing at the ceiling for a half second after every shot really cramps that.

Even warm .32 H&R Magnum loads, like the 100gr LSWC in the picture, don't exhibit that level of muzzle flip.