Sunday, December 11, 2022

Chat Noir

The low-light capabilities of modern cell phones still amaze me. This shot of Holden was with my iPhone 13 Pro Max by the light of a reading lamp with a twenty watt incandescent applicance bulb in it.

Speaking of the phone, it took me this long to realize that my new Peak Design case had slots in the bottom so you could attach one of their anchors and use it with any PD strap. Now I have a use for that Peak Design Cuff I have that I rarely use because I'm so rarely shooting little cameras.

The Cuff has a magnet in it so you can wear it coiled on your wrist like a bracelet or wristband until you're in a situation where you want a bit of security for the cell phone, like say you're taking a photo off a bridge or rooftop. Then you'd just uncoil it, pop the phone's anchor into the cuff, and your phone's secure.