Thursday, December 08, 2022

End the Kardashianocracy?

Kardashianocracy, the ancient Greek word for "government by narcissistic reality TV stars" has gripped one of our major political parties and it's beginning to cause problems that are impossible to overlook.
Ponder on those numbers: What they say, and fairly clearly, is that any normie Republican senatorial candidate probably would have junked Warnock by five points or more. Instead the GOP ran yet another of Donald's ridiculous celebrity stunt candidates and paid the price.
But as more data becomes available on turnout in this year’s election, it is quite clear that turnout was not the main problem facing Republicans.

In state after state, the final turnout data shows that registered Republicans turned out at a higher rate — and in some places a much higher rate — than registered Democrats, including in many of the states where Republicans were dealt some of their most embarrassing losses.

Instead, high-profile Republicans like Herschel Walker in Georgia or Blake Masters in Arizona lost because Republican-leaning voters decided to cast ballots for Democrats, even as they voted for Republican candidates for U.S. House or other down-ballot races in their states.
Look, guys, back in 2016 Donald won a plurality of votes in several primaries against a crowded field of lukewarm fellow egomaniacs who were all too willing to egg him on in attacking their opponents, only for them to realize too late that he was the last guy standing. Then he squeaked out an Electoral College win against an historically unpopular opponent who ran a half-assed campaign because she expected to cruise to a coronation.

Don't take the wrong lesson from 2016, GOP.  

Not everybody gets to run against Hillary Clinton.