Monday, December 05, 2022

What you call hell I call home!

So, I've never bumped into the data limit on my T-Mobile cell phone hotspot. It throttles me after I pass the 100gb/month point, but all I ever use the hotspot for is light web surfing on my iPad when at lunch, not for gaming or streaming video or anything like that, so no biggie.

Anyway, when I was down in Georgia for CanCon early in November, I noticed that the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on my travel laptop hadn't been updated, so I went ahead and told it to do so...

...forgetting that I was on my phone's hotspot and not the hotel wifi.

A couple days ago, my phone dolorously informed me that until the start of the next billing period (Friday) my phone's hotspot would be throttled.

To 128kbps.

"LOL! You only adopted the throttling! I was born in it, molded by it! I didn't see a whole Mbit/s until I was already a grown woman!"