Monday, December 05, 2022

Gag me with an order!

After the release of the probable cause affidavit in the Delphi case, everybody involved started grandstanding in the court of public opinion, so the judge has (predictably) issued a gag order for all the players in the defense and prosecution.

Folks, all we know of the county's case for sure so far is what was in that PC affidavit, which was just for the arrest. It's not the entirety of the prosecution's evidence. Other than that, everything else is wild speculation.

There is an upcoming hearing in January to decide if the gag order will remain in place, and one in February where the defense will ask for bail reduction or for the accused to be released on his own recognizance pending trial. Defense also wants the trial moved at least 150 miles away from Delphi, to Evansville or Jeffersonville, citing the difficulty of getting an unbiased jury pool in Carroll County.

Pretty thin, but that's why there's going to be a trial.