Sunday, December 18, 2022

Purity Spiral

I recycled this old blog post for yuks at pistol-forum:
Examine your wardrobe.

Award yourself one point for any garment that meets any of the following criteria:
  • Military surplus
  • Has MOLLE loops
  • Non-hunting-oriented camo (double points for Multicam, triple for Kryptek)
  • Any gun- or gun-related company branding other than Beretta or Browning
  • Made by: Arc'teryx, Kitanica, Propper, 5.11, Blackhawk, et al
  • Has gun-specific features like mag pouches or holster compartments
  • Has epaulets 
Tally up the total number. This is your score. It is important that it be displayed prominently in online interactions because everyone with a lower score is a Fudd and everybody with a higher score is a Tactard. You must fight with them to the death.
Some people were confused about the exemption for Browning and Beretta apparel.

Basically, I gave Browning and Beretta a pass because both lend their logos to lines of branded outdoor wear for the sort of folks who own ballistic golf clubs.

A Browning or Beretta logo'ed fleece vest picked up as an impulse buy at Cabela's while one is purchasing a Citori or Silver Pigeon is therefore exempt from the scoring penalties assessed against one of those idiotic GLOCK-logo "Not A Pepper Spray Kind Of Girl"* shirts.

*You should be a pepper spray kind of girl. Or a pepper spray kind of dude. Whichever. Here's a reminder that POM makes good spray and an excellent stocking stuffer!