Saturday, December 03, 2022

Cold Front

This morning was one of those ones where I could feel every old fracture site, and when I saw the morning weather report on the news, the reason was pretty apparent.

There was a front running diagonally across Indiana, southwest to northeast. On one side of the front, temperatures were unseasonably warm...53 degrees here in Indy, 56 down in Bloomington. Just forty to sixty miles away, on the other side of the front, temps were a lot lower. It was 40 degrees in Terre Haute and only 33°F a short drive away in Lafayette.

That would explain the being able to feel old injuries, as well as the roar of the wind outside, which sounded like an approaching subway.

Definitely heading into my least favorite time of year, when even a sunny day has no power to warm your bones and your shadow at noon looks like this...