Saturday, December 24, 2022

Doubling Your Problems Unnecessarily

Considering that every DA revolver comes with a free dry-fire training aid in the box, people's reluctance to get gooder with a double-action trigger has always puzzled me.

It's not really all that hard. 

The part that makes it hard is when people treat it like it's a single action trigger with a heavy, long-ass pull. 

They get that classic bullseye sight picture with a hard focus on the front sight, start to pull the trigger until they feel the cylinder rotate and see the hammer come back...and they attempt hold the trigger there, halfway pulled, as they try to correct the sight picture of the gun now wobbling in their hand until it's absolutely perfecBANG!

Don't do that. Pull the trigger through in one clean stroke.

I'm no revolver whiz and my dry-fire has been sadly lacking of late, but this is target-focused stuff at a pace of about 2rds/sec.

Now that you've Santa'ed for everyone else, get yourself a shot timer and a set of Lasergrips and get gooder with your wheelyboi.