Saturday, December 10, 2022

Time keeps on slippin'...

The other morning I was getting ready to go to the range and quipped to Bobbi "I sure hope I remember how to drive."

Between same-day Amazon delivery, Fresh Market being a short walk away from Roseholme Cottage (and Fresh Thyme and a CVS just a short hop away via the Red Line bus), and having so many restaurants and coffee shops in walking distance, I hadn't actually driven my car since...the last time I'd gone to the range, maybe two or three weeks ago?

I walked to the garage, went to start the car, and... the battery in the Zed Drei barely had any juice.

Fortunately I had a jump starter* ready to hand to get the thing up and running. I drove it around for a bit before going to the range, and for another fifteen or twenty minutes afterward to get some fresh electrons in there.

But what the heck? I remember I replaced the battery in the Bimmer recently. 

I remember replacing it because it had been the original one that was in there when I bought the car and the auto techs were amazed that it had lasted a dozen years...

A dozen years?

That means I replaced it back when I got the Z3 worked 2014.

Eight years ago.


*Handy as a pocket on a shirt. I wish they'd been around in my hooptie-driving days.