Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bikes: Frustration.

Riding home from work last Thursday night, I came to a stop at an intersection and noticed that a cloud of evil-smelling smoke was wafting into the beam from my Ninjette's headlight. It had a vaguely glycol-like smell, but the temp gauge seemed hunky-dory. Since I was only a block or two from home, I finished the trip and investigated the bike by daylight the next day. Turns out that it wasn't smoke, but steam. HappyHappyFunBike seems to have developed a coolant leak that was dripping onto the exhaust pipe. Swell. It's sidelined until I can putter it to a shop.

Meanwhile, the VF1000R I had a line on turns out to be a VF1000F; a bike very much like the VF700F Interceptor I chalked up so many enjoyable miles on lo those many years ago. (Including a one-day 1000-mile blast from Kansas City to Atlanta; try that on an R1!.) I'll be going back to look at it tomorrow...

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