Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog Stuff: The Powerball Meme.

Via the Countertop Chronicles, the Powerball Meme:

1) $17 million a year for 20 years or $164.4 Million Cash Value?

$17,000,000/year. I know me; given the lump sum, I'd wind up sitting on an Everest-esque stack of guns and books, rubbing my tummy, and saying "I'm hungry."

Besides, if you can't get into plenty of trouble on a mere seventeen megabucks per year, you have tastes that flat boggle my imagination.

2) First purchase?

The very first thing I'd do is endow a trust fund to teach the kiddies of America about Probability & Statistics, in the hopes that fewer of them would voluntarily pay the Stupid Tax play the Lotto in the future. Being stuck in line at the inconvenience store while trying to make a quick gas stop, all because some suburban matron in line ahead of me is engaging in a triumph of optimism over experience, is getting to be a major drag.

3) Statement to the Today Show?

"I would like to thank y'all for giving me this opportunity to appear nude on national TV while rubbing fat wads of hundred dollar bills all over my nekkid body. Now get lost, peons; you're fired."

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JohnW said...

I've often mused about what I might do if I were to win, like some lucky dude did a few days ago...

But what the lottery really does for the 20-year payout is purchase an annuity; winner gets 21 payments, after which the annuity-provider keeps the capital.

MUCH better deal is to take the lump sum, & invest it yourself! Easy to get a better interest rate, esp. if you use several different financial companies, and when it's all over, there's still an inheritance (or trust) to be passed along!